Whats the average shipping time for these guys

Just curious as I ordered something small as a test and there has been no updates for a week, so wondered how others here in the community fare with them?

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I have ordered from them quite a few times and only had an issue once where I heard nothing about being shipped so I emailed them and it took a few days but they did sort it out.
Normal delivery can be 2 to 4 weeks

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@Simon_A I have purchased a fair bit of stuff from them. I also have had no updates for days. I found if you don’t hear anything in two days, email them. You usually get a reply and some action.
Shipping is usually around two to three weeks.

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Its been 10 days, emailed them a day and a half ago, no response, so used their internal messaging system to contact me within 48 hours or I will claim my money back via paypal.

Aaaand half a hour ago they decided to email me to say its shipped, why do we have to go to these lengths with some suppliers…

Yeah and you’ve got to be careful with some of their prices. Some parts used to be a decent / ok price, but some products are cheaper to buy from Au. Nfstrike are still going I see. Much the same deal with shipping times but they used to have good retail prices consistently.

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Totally agree. I first purchased from them 12 months ago and can see a big difference in prices for some items.

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Not great and I think they fiddle with their stats.

I placed an order on the 19/9, got an email saying it was shipped on the 21/9. I kept checking the tracking number with nothing showing.

EMS says that their office got the package on the 7/10 and its now in the middle of some sorting centre and im still waiting.

I went with them because i thought they must be okay being a site sponsor but out of all my purchases so far (not a heap being honest) these guys are the worst.

@Simon_A I’ve bought a few things from them, but my latest purchase is an absolute nightmare, I ordered a metal bolt and barrel kit for an M24 of mine about 35-36 days ago (27/10/19) and it still hasn’t come, I got a tracking number that doesn’t work or just hasn’t been scanned, worst still, I’ve emailed them about 4 times now (my most recent being about 4 days ago) asking on the status of the order, and absolutely no response, just out of personal experience, I do not recommend. Let’s just hope it gets here before Christmas or I get an update on it aye. If you guys can give me any other way of contacting them it would be very much appreciated.

I haven’t had a problem with them. Ordered some stuff on 17/11/19 and got it yesterday. Their website still shows it as paid and not shipped so I guess they dont update it very often.

First off welcome, did you pay via paypal? If so do what I did and threaten / start a paypal claim. They will actually move their asses then…

yeah I’ll have to give that a go, cheers mate

So are they still active its been days and my item is still not shipped out send a few msg and email to them still no reply

how do i do that man… i have the same problem as him

Use their contact system and tell them they have 24 hours to ship your order or yo will start a paypal claim. If that fails log into paypal, find the order, and lodge a claim there. Paypal will then start an investigation. They cant ignore paypals investigation.

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thx mate helps alot :smiley:

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Their shipping page states "We just can ship our products to Australia via UBI , Normally it takes7-10bussiness days."
It’s been 13 days since I bought items and they still don’t have the “Shipped” label just “Paid”.
Sent emails and used their internal messaging no replies at all. I should have just paid extra and ordered locally as these guys are operating from China as indicated by their return address.
I want to give the benefit of the doubt and say they have shipped (they just haven’t updated the status) but then again if they haven’t been shipped at all then what a joke. Either way never again GelBallMod. I’m annoyed. :unamused:

i ordered 2 mags off them once.
the order took 3 weeks and them to reply to an email took 4 weeks.
i received the items before they replied to my email asking where my items were.


@RahRah Did your order status ever change to shipped at all during that time?

i never got an email saying shipped.
one day they just turned up

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