What's the best CQB blaster I should acquire?

Hey guys, looking at getting a new cqb blaster for indoor play, just wondering on recommendations of these ■■■■ or some great alternatives?

If you like the arp9, get an xyl if you can find one

The only problem is the mag size, and availability. Gel blaster warehouse in Coomera had them for $25 odd, and m4a1 if they have them, comes with 2 mags for them same $$$

Do you have any recommendations on other cqb blasters? Or do you rate the ARP9?

P90 would be my pick…

I have an xyl arp9 personally and it’s stock. Mines one of the first shipment from m4a1. Looks like there’s some slight differences, last Friday night was on a field with a guy in my team that picked one up that day, and he pointed out how accurate mine was.

I noted that mine had a red barrel was stopped short of the outer barrel, and his was gold and ended maybe 10mm past it.

I was running a lighterBT tracer, and it screws down and actually hits the hand guard, so would be stabilising the setup slightly … but anyway. It’s great.

The only mod I’ve done is change to xt30, and the bolt that holds the buffer tub on so I can run turnigy batteries, bat have been running the stock 7.2v battery on the field … more than enough.

It’s the perfect size and weight to throw around on the field. I run a single point sling that attaches to a chest rig. the below shows my grip setup

In perspective, the holo weighs about the same as the blaster without a clip or battery

These are good…

For the pussys on the other team… shoot



Wow … go auto correct. I have edited some of that long post

Btw, I’ve been running 7.2v as I’ve heard that the mosfet in it can blow using 11v, and I didn’t want to end with a dead blaster on the field. That was happening way to often.

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Oh I’ve got one of those sights. They look awesome but you’re right about the weight… It’s less than a brick, but not by much :rofl:

If they have stock, one of the few that do

I ordered my stick mags from Zheng duo, after seeing these availed for like $40, then the price dropped. Would have got them here otherwise :slight_smile:

I purchased a little moon ARP9 for $350 a couple of weeks ago and it’s fantastic straight out of the box. A lot of the reviews seem to be for the xyl, but as far as I can tell they are basically the same however, I have heard some say the little moon has a better grip.

Have you seen this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chRDtbflrYw

Last week I received my WAT/Kublai full metal MK18 which is next level when it comes to weight/finish but out of the box my ARP9 kills it in term of power, consistency & ease of use.

Yeah. I had some issues originally with sighting it in and parallax until I shifted the sight that far forward.

I managed to sight it in pretty much bang on.

Little moon/xyl are the same as far as I know.

Stupid question but you have both eyes open when shooting right?

Yes. I know how a holo is supposed to work.

Sight was originally mounted over the mag well to balance the weight, but no matter what I didn’t, gels always passes through the left of the reticle

Watched a couple of vid reviews and comparisons and either someone mentioned or I noted how far forward something was mounted so I moved it. And bang. Dead on.

It’s especially good what I swap to my left and I’m looking down my non prominent eye. The reticle doesn’t even look like it’s in the sight but the gels are hitting whatever in the holo

Ohhhhh… is that the trick? noidea

No wonder I was having alot of accuracy issues! I was having both eyes closed!! badluck


A lot of ppl look down a holo like a scope, with one Eye closed and wonder why it’s blurry.

Your supposed to look past the sight at the target. The holo will get pun sharp and in the case of the uh-1, huge. The reticle almost fills the glass the way mines setup, real easy to use

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Wells cqb for me. $300 with a metal box, quite accurate and solid. Like mine so much I bought a second



h i g h s p e e d 13:1

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What is that blaster? @Winston_Deavor

modded SLR CQB