What's the biggest battery I can use with a gen 8 box?

I’m looking to put a bigger battery in my new ump45 (Gen 8 Box). I’ve seen the standard cylindrical batteries littered all over eBay and Aliexpress but I’d rather put a Turnigy nano-tech battery in. I’ve been using them for years in rc cars and planes because they have very little voltage sag (especially when compared to the Chinese cylindrical ones).

I know I can put an 11.1v battery in the box but is there a limit on the number of cells I can have or maximum discharge rate. And do the parameters change based on the motor you’ve got? I’m looking at a Turnigy Nano-Tech 11.1v 2200mah 3S 45-90C Lipo battery (Linked below). I know I’d have to up the wiring too, what’s the recommended thickness of the copper I’d need?

Thanks Guys

Can’t go wrong with turnigy. Just the standard 460 motor in your box?

I have tried 13.8v with original motor, but i don’t think that gonna improve its performance since it is unstable and not safe.

UMP has a very small battery compartment, the 0.95 nannotech is best i have fit in there

UMP does have a pretty small compartment, I’m not against an external mod if necessary. Mostly looking for something high capacity but low (comparably) output so I don’t do any damage.

Nylon box & Metal gears but otherwise stock including motor - upgrading bit by bit. Want to put a 480 motor in it soon but we’ll get there.

Update: Will buy two very thin airsoft 1800mah batteries (hobby King) and run them in parallel for double the capacity unless somebody sees a problem with it I have yet realised.

Throwing the extra battery in your pocket is pretty convenient :wink:

sounds fine to me but recommend upgrade your wires to silver wires they can handle the juice and if you haven’t already change the stock 5amp trigger switch to Omron 10amp and you put less stress on it

Only issue with running batteries in parallel is that they both need discharge protection. If one goes flat and the other has power, you won’t realise because everything is still working and you will over drain the flat one. Then it might go bang when you recharge…

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Oops my bad haven’t had thsy problem yet

Royce, you can use any C rating battery… it will only supply what the motor asks for… you could put a 3S 65C battery in it… or a 30C… having a high C rating doesn’t mean that it will ‘pump’ more electrickery into the motor and blow it up…

What damages things is having too low a C rating… then shyte happens …and a jam up where the motor stops turning with the trigger still pulled… the higher the C rating, the faster the flames

That is why I put a fuse in my RC stuff and blasters… better to blow a fuse than burn ya toy…:smirk: