Whats the cheapest option to go full metal?

Iv been wanting the 416 for some time now but i really want it in metal. Hawkxtactical has a full metal kit for about 370 but with no internals. Or i could by the gun for 350 and then buy a metal reciever and handgaurd separate.

Iv tried to do the math myself however im not certain if iv got the correct internals on my list so the price still may vary.

Is it cheaper to buy the metal kit and then the internals or buy the gun base lever and then replace the nylon hand gaurd and reciver with metal ones? Thanks for the help yall.

Any luck on this? I’ve just bought one and I kinda want to replace it with metal and turn it into a CQB

I paid $80 each for both my metal receivers landed, but it seems customs is cracking down on metal receiver imports recently.

Oh true , what happens when a receiver or any other metal part gets stopped ?

You just get a lovely letter from ABF telling you they’ve taken your toys.


And you get put on a list so anything you buy from over seas gets inspected… so, if you have something like that taken by them… you are best to get someone not at your address to order them for you. Same as anyone who has had a permit before they put a stop to that.badluck


Good thing I only buy gel blaster parts and not asoft parts then isn’t it :grin:

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