Whats the hardest gels?

I have bought a pack of AKA’s, aus gel ultra and titans now. I have tested the AKA’s and they are pretty insane, i’m told the ultra are tougher but have no idea about the titans from tac toys. all these brands claim the same thing , they are the hardest gel on the market. When the Titans and ultras arrive i will do some testing and post results but was curious if anyone here might have done it already?

I have done some of my own testing and the results are as follows

gel 1: armour tech hard (AT), gel 2: armour tech ultra (ATU), gel 3: Alpha kings(AKA), gel 4: tact toys titans (TTT)

hardness from hardest to softest, 1ATU 2AKA 3TTT 4AT
most accurate 1AKA 2ATU 3AT 4TTT
best value (price per gel) 1AT 2TTT 3AKA 4ATU
availability (easiest to get) 1AT 2TTT 3ATU 4AKA

If i were to rank the gels by giving 4 points for winning each category the results would be as follows
AT: 11
ATU: 10
AKA: 10
TTT: 10

Based on the above scoring the armour tech hard win out, mainly because the alphas and ultras become quite expensive and sometimes very difficult to get hold of.
I would recommend the alpha kings if most places kept them in stock but i usually have to pay high postage costs when i can find them.

All these tests were conducted with a gen9 m4 with 7.5mm alloy barrel 1.28 spring and 11.1v lipo
I do not have access to a chrono sadly.

Side note, the armour tech ultras are by far the hardest gels i have made a little scale below as a rank from 1-4 may not satisfy all of you.

Insane hard < > super soft
----ATU------------------------------AKA-----------------------------------------------TTT–AT---------------regular gels



Thanks for posting those results… good stuff, and all info’s good info. :+1: I came to similar conclusions… nothing scientific about my method, I load up and unload on a pinetree and go by observed performance and how the gels feed :joy:

After trying quite a few brands I’ve concluded that Armour Tech Hardened greens are my fave because they work, they’re cheap and available. Followed by WI reds for the same reason. I’m trying out the AK gels, jury’s still out… seem to misfeed a bit with them. :sunglasses:

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What about the LDT 3.0 red stuff?
I they are said to be pretty damn hard

certainly take my results with a grain of salt but i have been testing them further since this. I’m so far quite happy with the tac toys titans they are firing really well and are not over the top hard either. If bought in bulk they are great value too $70 for 100k

i have tried these as a mate had some of them over last weekend, i found them on par or just below the hardness of armour techs like greens and milkies.

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I’ve found that gels can behave differently. What works well in one blaster won’t necessarily work in another. When you find something that works well stick with it. I use AKA’ in most my blasters, they are hard enough to sting a bit!!! but find AT milkies are good too! Ultras are by far the hardest though, I just couldn’t get any so I stocked up on AKA’s.

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ultras are too hard, sounds lame i know. They block a little too easy and are hard to clear which is a deal breaker in the heat of battle. but yeah by far they are the hardest. I used to use armour tech green but out of random chance my j9 just loves titans. I have many other types at home i’ll keep as i stock up on new blasters

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Yeah, I find the AKAs a little on the too hard size… 290 fps and still a lot of jamming up. Ah well, they can sit in the jar and wait until I find the right rig. :+1:

What’s the barrel ID? I find them great in 7.3mm Ausgel barrel.

just out of curiosity, how many of you actually use those distilled / de-mineraled water to grow gels?

tears of ones vanquished foes is the best


Not great for metal barrel and parts tho xD


@Daveb 7.5mm alloy… they should feed okay, but they seem to jam in the t piece or barrel and it takes a bit to clear it… go figure… :thinking:

I used to grow gels in demineralised water but tbh didn’t seem worth the cost. I just use tap water and the gels seem to grow fine.

You could always use filtered tap water… those filters are supposed to remove all the nasties.


I use rain water as that is what I live on. No mains supply out here…


yah i have to try the filtered water too, but i did found a bottle of demineralised at bunnings for like 2 dollar, so i thought i give that a go too see what happens.
coz i am getting quite a fair bit of breakage when growing

interesting O_o
hows consistency and stuff?
i might give that a go next time rains

As good as the gels are. Water that falls out the sky so nothing added or processed.

I could try growing in my bore water supply, for a test, that has higher mineral content, does not taste the best.

melbournian tap water is no that awesome either :sneezing_face:

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Interesting, I’m surprised that you’re having problems with them.
I grow with filtered rain water as I’m on tanks, also in the fridge. Works for me and like I said when you find a good thing, stick to it!
Other gels work fine?

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