What's the Internal Diameter of the Shark barrel

Anyone have any idea of the barrel ID of the incoming APS Shark? Just trying to prepare gels in advance for testing. Recommendations… Alpha King whites, armourtechs?

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It’s a m12 ccw female thread

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The m12 ccw is for the outer barrel thread
Not sure about the inner barrel ID
The P1 barrel is around 7.3mm ID
i guess they wouldn’t be to much difference to each other

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I guess I just have to wait and see in a few days.

Think it might be 7.5 but can’t remember where I read that

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Most of the pistols are reported to be 7.3 so AK will work well as will ultra but you’ll have to time the ultra’s

hi not sure if any one can help the barrel thread is 12mm M12 LH but can any one tell me what pitch it is ? i assume its 1mm

Pretty sure it’s M12x1.75 left hand

From looking at this pic… I would say… about 4’9" eek laughing (1)

You will have to ask the divers… in case they waited around to measure (not likely)



Yes most are around 7.3 to 7.4 and AK work the best