What's your opinion? JM acr-10 or JM gen9 which one to buy

hey guys ive been indesissive for too long now on choosing which gelsoft to get next. so far I’ve got JM scar V2 and JM m4a1 gen8. had heaps of fun upgrading those but the scar is my first and its favourite. so I’m now trying to choose between the JM across or the gen 9. thanks for the chi

The JM J10 ACR is a great blaster, feels solid.

ACR for sure. Solid feeling blaster

If you are going for a strong and well made blaster, nothing i have seen so far compares to the J10 ACR when it comes to build quality. (Except maybe for the Vector)

Personally i got the Gen 9 M4 because i knew i wanted to mod it the all hell, the ACR will not have as many available aftermarket parts as the Gen 9. Also keep in mind the standard Gen 9 mags for the M4 will fit in the ACR, so you could rock those black mags too.


awesome thanks guys for your input look like I’ll be going with the acr-10 hopefully I don’t have much trouble finding upgrade parts. but with the gearbox being V2 style shouldn’t be too hard

Is the J10 ACR a v2 gearbox? Haven’t pulled mine apart yet. So would the metal silver edge aps gearbox drop in there?

It is… It does…

I haven’t ventured beyond that. Others have though.


Dammit. Now I’m going to have to buy an aps gearbox…

Milko… you, of all people, should know the obvious answer?

Naturally, you NEED/must have one of each :grin:


Is it that obvious lol yer ino but I just wanted to hear the opinions and feedback from the guys here.(btw I have got lol)

I have both a J10 and a Gen9… I like them both equally, they are very different… if I had to only keep one, I wouldn’t know which one to keep or give up

I have already modded the Gen9 but have the bits for the J10… I am just waiting for my chrono to arrive so I can get a baseline for the others before modding them… so I can see what works or not

When I got my J10, on 2S it was terrible… not accurate at all… terrible… the Gen9 on the other hand, was awesome straight out of the box on S2.

I bought a couple of 3S LiPos… the J10 immediately became more accurate and handled 3S well… the Gen9 on 3S went awful… less accurate and stripped the 1st gear/pinion at the end of the first magazine

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Exact same experience regarding battery changes here…

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?? How exactly does the battery upgrade help accuracy?

It doesn’t

What might help is the slip stream (think NASCAR) effect IF your ROF is fast enough

It’s a common q and my other builds 18:1 aren’t more accurate on 3s but the m24 is definitely more accurate with 3 in the breach Soni gave the problem more thought

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I can’t explain it, just reporting what happened when they were both stock… 3S made the Gen 9 worse and the J10 better… for whatever reason

That was using green and transparent ebay gels and the gels that came in the condom packets with the blasters…

Have some gold and red packet milkies to try

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Scrap that brother CNC retro arms billot all the way​:grin::grin::grin:

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I think it might be the the efficiency the initial designs. With the j10 gearbox alot closer to their twin(airsoft). And the barrel designs are slot different

Haha I had a feeling that would get your attention Hamish😁

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I seeez everything,…,

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And so does master Yoda :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: