When and where will the LDT MP5 be available?

Has there been any indication on who is going to stock this, and when? Loving the YouTube vids and keen to get my hands on one sooner than later- guess it will come down to cost. Has there been any indication on the cost? Any info would be great- can’t seem to find much about actually buying one

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All the major bricks-and-mortar retailers have been teasing the 2020 LDT range, so availability should be good once they land. CNY + Coronavirus will be delaying availability outside of China.

Pricing in other regions looks to be similar to the LDT HK416, so retailing at $300 - $400 locally (not sure on nylon or metal gear variants), with online sellers from around $250. Throw in some readily available discount codes and you may be getting closer to $200, which is what I’m hoping for.

Very keen to see when/if all of the originally the proposed accessories (stocks, handguards, etc) will start to appear, then I can put my JM Gen8’s out to pasture.

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Sweet- that’s a price I’d be willing to part with. Hopefully they’ll come through with upgrades- would love to run it as suppressed MP-5K! Guess time will tell

Yeah I am hanging out for an MP5K as well.

I see X-Force have been talking up the metal “export-only” version on Facebook, at “under $500”.

While we all wait to see when, where, and how much, here’s some lovin’ I gave one of my JM MP5’s today…


That looks dope mate :+1:

Very nice rig mate- looks the goods :+1:

That looks trick. :ok_hand:

that is very nice,
I honestly bug my local gel blaster store every time I go in “when am I getting my MP5?” its kind of an ongoing joke atm but in all seriousness, a bribe isn’t out of the question to get one :wink:


Wow- that’s really disappointing! Hopefully that’s something they address if they decide to release a revision of the blaster. Makes me start thinking I should go with the JM version of the MP-5 after all. Bummer!

thats pretty sad but I think I am still gonna buy an LDT MP5 no matter what and hope metal parts come out relatively fast

So LDT have gone from 416 handguard wobble to MP5 handguard wobble? With the previously reported MP5 magazine issues, a revision should on the cards for those who can wait.

The JM MP5 is a great value alternative right now

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Yep- you’d think they would have taken the lesson from the 416. I really hope this is rectified as I’d love to get one, if it didn’t feel like it was falling apart…

I just really want the LDT MP5K.

MP5SD or nothing :stuck_out_tongue: that said once I have an MP5SD I’m open to a MP5K

Mp5k for me, cant get enough of that stub nose mp5 look

Why not both?
I have the MP5K, and am in the process of building a MP5SD.
Can’t wait for that!


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Yeah, I’d like an MP5 in the collection, but I’m a little dubious about the sketchy sliding stocks on the JMs. They look way too cheap and flimsy. I do like Gen 8 gearboxes though, so a JM model’s not totally out. If only I could get a hold of a Gorky shell…

Is there a metal variant of the stock that would fit a JM MP5 available at all? I can live with the ABS plastic, but that stock’s gotta be solid.