Where can one buy a m4a1 metal reciever

Hi looking to buy a metal reciever for a build was hoping to do.have a v2 geaebox but been unable to get a metal reciever from any where for a m4a1

Depends what gearbox you’re putting in but I bought a metal M4 receiver from asiaairsoft.com a few weeks back for $80. They do have a metal gel blaster receiver but I don’t like something about it. It looks a bit drab and boring plus I think it has “nerf” written on the side of it.

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I haven’t had a chance to try it but someone I know has confirmed the Kublai M4a1 gearbox fits the M4 receiver I bought. A tiny bit of modification but it’s up and running well.

Hi been away for abit thanks for your reply ill check it out

Just finished puting the metal reciever from aisaairsoft togeather. Feels very solid and went togeather with my nylon gen 9 gearbox fairly easily, afew little mods where needed nothin crazy though.mainly clean up the casting abit an because i use a metal mag.still shoots the same but has a nicier feel. Thanks Blaster_Parts😁

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