Where to buy gel blaster for wholesale in china

i am from India, i want to import gel blasters from China in bulk… i want to resale in India as it is new and not available to buy… can you show me which site or store is good for purchasing in bulk order…if you could help me i would be very happy.
best regards
mizoram, india

Alibaba.com would be my guess


Yeah mate, @Calcifer is spot of for instant easy ways to buy bulk. Whenever I’ve bought bulk they just send on a ship to Australia and you just pick the pallets up from the docks. Would be the same for India I would imagine, not sure how strict your customs is though.

Cheaper ways would be to personally visit the potential manufacturers, which may be out of the question.


i found that Shenzhen Jhinlai company is having many variety of gel blaster ■■■… i talk to them and it ok… do you now any particular sites/shops other than that

Hey mate. And what permit do you have?
Do you sell it or buy for own use?

I’m thinking about starting one business but got the information that it gets difficult to pass the borders and customs after the buy.