Where would you buy extra shells for the Well G296?

Anyone know where I can get extra shells from?

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I’d like to know also .

Just found out M4A1 stock them. $25 for 3. Bit steep if you ask me.

Yeah wow $50 for 6

Which blaster is the Well G296? Is that one of the bolt acti0n snippers? I can’t see them anywhere on ebay (or anywhere else) ? pop

It’s the co2 metal revolver

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I just ordered 8 from WGCShop.
Cost me $45 including freight.

They may not work because they will be for 6mm dia BB’s and gels are 7.5mm

From what i can see, the rubber tips that hold the bb’s, can be removed.
Im also going to machine some of my own up this week when i get a spare minute. Should be able to get exactly what is required

Good move, the stock ones are a shit fit !
Actually fits right in with the rest of the build quality :poop:


I have a G296A and I have bought replacement shells at M4A1 Caloundra and Viper customs. Hope this helps.