Which blaster is having highest fps?

which ■■■ is giving the highest fps ,out of the box with no mod?

better question is which has the best range and accuracy OOTB


The fastest out of the box blaster I have tested is the new m4a1 v4, the one I tried was 300fps and accuracy was pretty good.
Zero mods and no hop up

Alpha king 74ms 280 FPS straight out the box, decent fire rate. Sprays gels every direction lol, needs a hop up.

I have the same model, best I could get was around the 240s. But, as been said on here many times, there are good ones, and there are not so good ones. Just the luck of the draw.

Do you have any magazine feeding issues? Mine sprays them out like yours, but you get a burst of gels, then nothing, then another burst and so on. I have read about others having the same problem saying it’s due to the size of the wheel or cog that pushes the gels up the mag. Not large enough?

Hmmm yeah I do actually, haven’t really looked into it though.
I thought it was the shitty mag connector tap setup

Yeah, I’ve read about the problem with the mag contacts. But you just bend them up to get a better contact.
This is more to do with the way the mag feeds the gels.
Someone posted this on reddit, it is a good demonstration of the problem. When you watch it, see if you’re just waiting for him to short those battery terminals together, like I was :astonished:

If you have one of those mags I would like to see if I can fix it or find what is going on :thinking:

Yeah sure, appreciate your offer.

That’s it! I’m pulling one apart, that’s exactly what’s happening to my daughters one.
Probably will end swapping out the feeding cog or something

Not sure if its related, but I had the same issue with my ACR J10, i had to open up the mag and use a dermil to grind down the small clip that blocks the balls, as when it was in it didnt pull back far enough so balls were getting wedged up, causing multiple balls to come through or none at all.
Anyways, after the small mod, never got another jam again. Balls are really fast and accuracy is way better.e

@Rattler had a look at mine yesterday. It seems to be a combination of the way the motor and feed tube assembly is designed, and the way it is positioned inside the mag, that causes some of the gels to get hung-up and not fall to the bottom to feed into the cog. A bit of a shake and it works again.
The actual size of the cog teeth seems to be okay.

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Thanks for the tip, but the clip on mine looks to be getting pushed clear by the t-piece tube.