Which GBB Pistol to Preorder?

Hi guys,

I’ve seen the GBB pistols CEH are releasing soon and decided I want one. I know they may not be the most practical thing but I really, really want one. The problem is I don’t know which one is the one to go for. Co2 or other gasses? What are your opinions? Cheers.

Also what do people think about the Azrael armoury gbb pistols?

You’re not alone. For me the decision weighed heavily on who the distributor behind the blaster was. The units APS (the shark) and WE Tec (M92, 1911, 5.1 HiCapa, etc) have solid reputations.

We all know someone or have had an experience with CEH when it comes to warranty and expectation management. So that’s my personal pro’s and cons… it hasn’t been about the blasters themselves. I’m a tinkerer so i went with We Tec.

I went the Shark based on the brand reputation, which is more positive.
I really want the 1911 but I will wait until that get some use behind it.

Personally the guys at CEH in Salisbury have been spectacular for me.
They might have slightly stuffed up once with one of my blasters, but were very quick to rectify it.
I will continue to use them for some things…just such a shame for me that they are so far away from me.

I wouls suggest u to get the one that use green gas instead if the co2 type if u never used a gas bb, or you won’t be doing much game or play with it.

Reason being, while the co2 is more consistent, u have to finish the co2 once you stop using it, you cannot leave un-finished co2 cartrige in the pistol and leave it there. Could cause issue internally.
The green gas direct mag fill up type doesn’t have this issue, you can leave some gas inside.
But the performance will slowly decrease due to preassure drop.

apart from that i think it mostly depends on what type of pistol you like.
for example i know a few friend’s will be getting glock types, mostly cos they work in security and glock is pretty much the pistol they got used to.
for me it’s the 1911 style, i am a big colt fanboi :sweat_smile:


Btw, what is this “shark” everyond keep on talking about o.O?

Co2 for me , you forgot to mention green gas = slow fps because it lower pressure normally. A co2 cartridge is small so can’t see why you wouldn’t use the entire cylinder every time

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arh yes i forgot to mention the fps difference = .=

but if you were just shooting a couple targets after work or something,
then you might run into un-finished gas cartrige, at lease i used to have that issue with my colt defender.

arh so it’s some kinda of glock platform O_o
i remember seeing that john wick black and gold glock, some shop is releasing it around a month time or something

The A/S version :+1:


seems to be nice build quality body O_o
why would u want full auto on a pistol tho = .=?

Why not? :grin:


Are they full metal , and what upgrades they will fit ?

That’s the xforce one. It’s a kublai P1 with a g34 metal slide, magwell adding and extended mag.

Full orto glox are good… aren’t they?

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How =.=??
Hard to see what actually happened in that vid

He is letting bursts go as it is full orto… at the end, he lets 3 go but doesn’t hold on with his left hand, which is in front of the barrel and puts one thru his hand…

Gotta hold on like pop


Doesn’t seems to be holding singles very well either =.=

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