Which GBB Pistol to Preorder?

That’s the xforce one. It’s a kublai P1 with a g34 metal slide, magwell adding and extended mag.

Full orto glox are good… aren’t they?

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How =.=??
Hard to see what actually happened in that vid

He is letting bursts go as it is full orto… at the end, he lets 3 go but doesn’t hold on with his left hand, which is in front of the barrel and puts one thru his hand…

Gotta hold on like pop


Doesn’t seems to be holding singles very well either =.=

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Have you checked out the other GBB Pre-Orders (GreenGas) Hi-Capa, Bretta, Glock and the (Co2) Colt 1911???

It is not a colt 1911 :confused: :persevere:
It’s a P14-45 hi-capa, which is not a colt model.

I hate them for calling it 1911

surely there are more reasons to hate them apart from that :man_shrugging: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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O_O shakespeare?

Yeah with a Tienly Leviathan upgrade !

you remind me of a minecraft youtuber named Joehills

Gahaha! You legend!
You right about the GBB it’s a 1911 conjobba :sob:

Do you know which ■■■■■■■ model the Bretta blaster GBB conversion is?

The one that’s advertised on CEH website for pre-order.

My God what’s the deal with those pop-up ads on every Blaster website I don’t care if Johnathon Wobbles just bought a hop up for his $15 manual glock


I always love the design of the beretta M92 and its awesome that a GBB version is coming out soon

Wouldn’t be surprised if they are getting them from same supplier as CEH. They have the same models of beretta 92a1 (both polymer and metal options), glock (both polymer and metal slide options), p226, 1911 and hi-capa.

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Hi guys. I have preordered a few ggb pistols from CEH. Just wondering if anyone has been told a date of when they start shipping them to people in Australia. Waiting on the 5.1 High Capa and the 1911 C02.

No answer on that yet,
I think the latest news is the “colt 1911” and some of the glock is ready for shipping

Thanks for the reply. I just cant wait lol. Shipping from Asia or shipping from Australia?

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they posted the other day that they needed final QA and then shipping to Australia so a few weeks still and then however long it will be for customs and local postage (plus probably stuck at redbank for a week like everything else)

haven’t heard timeframes from them on the green gas models. They said in a live stream the other day they’d be the next shipment but can’t find that video now.

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