Which GBB Pistol to Preorder?

I’m no expert but I reckon they’ll be similar performance to other GBBs, it’ll just come down to build quality.

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Co2 is going to kick harder and work better in colder temperatures. Due to it’s higher pressure, a CO2 pistol will kick much harder than a gas weapon.


Only thing is co2 you have to pop alittle lube in with the bulb, where as green gas already has a lube additive in the gas, in the end your still gonna have to service both regularly

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With no current build going on Im starting to look at gbbs and I think ive waited long enough.

Preferebly id want a berreta 92 style. Is TM doing one? Or glock. Is there even a decent glock?

The golden eagle 1911 / hicapa range is tempting . Pros cons?

Not going to bother with wells or atomic armoury even tho they do a beretta ,ive heard too many bad things.

Are the WE any good?

Even thought about the fighting bro one but havent heard much more than better than wells and AA.

Kind of over the look of the lower on the aps ones. When the shark video dropped i was keen as but now full auto isnt that big of a deal for me .

Or is there something i should wait for

Hit me with preferences please. Nothing john wicky either please .

Also do all co2 mags have the bulb shape cutout and bulb visible?
Not really a big fan of that

The APS XTP and TTI hi capa co2 mags from Azraels/Tac edge don’t have the bulb visible. The wells/AA and golden eagle ones do.

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think its only the single stack 1911 mags though i the HI-CAPA ones 2011 should be internal with the c02 bulb

edit … the Wells mags have exposed c02

Aah and can someone pls explain the single and double stack mag difference?

double stack is phat single stack is thinner

the HI-CAPA/2011 is a double stack widened grip in the 2011 variant of the original 1911

but study and ask vendor a question before you purchase as the descriptions can be farking confusing

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single stack

double stack


The double stack or single stack refers to how ■■■■■■■ go it the real steel item.
the gels “double stack” in both of them.

just if you were wondering why they call it that.