Which gel blaster gearbox is same as airs gearbox?

hello, i want to know which gel blaster gearbox is compatible with airsft gear parts. which gearbox is similar to airsft gearbox?

You are looking for V2 boxes and parts but DO NOT go down the path of building an AS tagger


That said, many of us use this parts comparability to build more reliable gel blasters from better quality parts and that is perfectly legal.

Outside the gearbox forward is where all the bits become gel soft specific



Yeah, it is bad juju to build illegal stuff… it will ruin our sport if people keep insisting on illegal activities…calmdown killa

Besides… gel blaster stuff is probably better than ears oft stuff… in a game, a gel blaster probably uses 1000 gels… so maybe 10,000 gels a day (or Rattler per game) laughing%20(1)

Ears oft players probably only use 500 per day… so their equipment may be good for them at 500 per day… but may well not be up to constantly doing zillions of rounds constantly. You may find it better to do the right thing and use gel blaster parts built with harder usage in mind. Maybe that is why alloy gearbox cases don’t last long in gel blasters, because they are designed for arse oft?

I will stick with good quality nylon and stay within the law thanks…