Which grenades are actually worth buying?

The title says everything.

Water balloons are the go

A good use for the gel bucket of woe


These ones look good and work well.

$55 for a box of 2.
I haven’t tried the other ones that look like smoke grenades but they both seem to work on the same principle.

Have fun.

I’ll give them a try, thanks

How long do they last getting throw on the ground tho??

I think most are impact. I saw there is a new 5 sec delay one though.

After watching a few videos the jinming ones are pretty weak imo. Was pretty keen but not now , somewhere I seen recently had them for about $27. Zhen maybe.
Alot of ppl say 1 of them if not both had problems out of the box.
I think the t238s have a delay but dont look that grenadey lol.