Which M-LOK handguard supports a 35cm Barrel?

Hey guys,
Wanna put the 35cm Barrel into my MPx and try to gain some fps and distance via a decent hop up.
My only qualm is I do not know which model/length mlok hand gaurd to get to cover my new barrel. Any help much appreciated.

Just change your front hand guard I have 27cm on mine running through my silencer with a hopup

I have this one on order for my MPX.
I am using a 360mm barrel and a suppressor.

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I also have these to support the inner barrel .
The fit the LH thread on the MPX outer barrel.

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Also, if anyone wants to just put a hop up on this, the NT1 Rizer hop up fits perfectly.

The first 3" to 4" of the outer barrel comes off (you need to undo the grub screw at the bottom first, I back mine out until it’s almost all the way out, then screw it back in slightly to keep it in place. Then you can just unscrew the outer barrel (it’s CCW of course).

Screw in one of the grub screws that comes with the hop up, then when you screw the NT1 Rizer in place, you can actually get it all the way down, but you will need to back it off a little bit as the inner barrel will actually hit the rear of the hop up tongue. Tighten up the grub screw just enough to hold it in place, but not too tight or you could crush the thread.

Hi Rattler,

My other parts just arrived the other week unfortunately outer barrel was too long if I added on top of existing red barrel :frowning_man:

Did you manage to use these outer barrel with the

I can see you bought one yourself :slight_smile:… it’s good isn’t it?

I was just doubtful the outer radius of these

would not fit the said handguard how are the dimensions on these if I may ask?


Those SLR outer barrels are a perfect fit .
Yes that handguard fitted like a glove and came with every item needed !
Thank you for the tip on those :+1:


I forgot to ask how long did your parts

arrive from this supplier?

The first one took a while from so might consider this one as well.

Good thing to take a picture always I do that as well, as much as i can.

I ordered them by ems freight option and it takes 6 - 7 days every time.
Buy 2 sets so you can mix and match to get the perfect length

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That is a good advice indeed, I will do that.

Cheers Mate!

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I paid 50 bux at my local today, I got fingered hard!

Wow you certainly did :no_mouth:

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how do you take the outer barrel apart ??

Depends on what blaster you have but most outer barrels just screw off the adaptor and have a left-hand thread.
On my MPX I extended the barrel so I just added extensions to get the length I wanted

the red anodised barrel ? i cant see any screws

On the mpx ?
It screws apart but it is glued and is not easy.
Or do you mean the entire red piece ?

i have the guard off but its the hole red part i cant work out

Oh ok, you need to unscrew the collar that the handguard slid off, it holds the t piece adaptor/Barrel on, it’s a normal right hand thread and is tight.
Have you removed the entire top section of the blaster first ?

yer handguard is off and its just the collar and the red outer barrel iam trying to separate

The collar just screws off, turn it counter clockwise to undo it, then the barrel and adaptor will just pull out