Which M4 to buy?

Hey all ,

So I recently got the V3 HK416D and it looks amazing. The only thing is I wanted to turn it into a CQB variant with a 4inch handguard and use metal where ever possible on external mods.

I have just been told itll be a pain and my options for handguards will be limited due to the receiver being slightly different to the standard M4. I like the quality build and realism look ( no stupid random color bits) of my HK416 and would like something like this in an M4.

So which M4 do you guys reckon I should get with all that in mind? I’ll definitely be changing the handguard , stock and most likely the inner barrel to metal straight away.


Probably the Gen 9? The Gen 8 is a bit limited in terms of upgrade parts these days unless you’re willing to cut plastic …

Yeah fuck cutting plastic lol. I’ve seen a video and the Gen 9 looks super simple to change parts on which is good. If I put a 4inch handguard on, how would I go about shortening the outer barrell? I can’t say that I’ve seen shorter outer barrells being sold

Edit : shorter outer barrells

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Well, you can get shorter outer barrels tho you might need a different barrel adapter -

Eg this barrel:

And this adapter:

There might be better stuff available locally, not sure sorry!

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Actually - see if you even need a different outer barrel: the J10 ACR barrel comes apart in sections, the J9 M4 is likely the same. Get a slim hopup from the local blaster store to fit snugly in the end of the barrel and hold the inner barrel - two birds with one stone

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate the response, kinda a nightmare trying to do all the planning without even having the blaster yet. I’m to excited ahahah

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Here’s a picture of a friend of a friend’s CQB M4 with a 4inch handguard. I’ve been trying to figure out from the picture what he had done

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Mate that looks sick!

I remember seeing those Noveske handguards somewhere for the Gen8s, but I couldn’t tell you where it was now…

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Yeah after seeing that I had to do a CQB build! just needs a little vertical grip and it’ll be perfect. Fairly sure that’s the Gen 8 too. I think I’ve seen them on the M4a1 site, everything is out of stock besides this one:


Hopefully it’ll fit the Gen 9 no problems.

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Yep, inside that delta ring looks like it is threaded, so it should fit the Gen 9 :+1:

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Eye spy with my little eye… something beginning with… hacksaw laughing%20(1)


Et Voila… shorter outer barrel :grin::+1:


Hahaha I was hoping it wouldn’t have to come to that. Maybe a pipe cutter would be a little better :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am fortunate to have a lathe, so I can cut outers with that… but there is nothing stopping you cutting one with a hacksaw. Just wrap some electrical tape around where you want to cut it to use as a guide, then keep turning the barrel to make a continuous cut all around and don’t go like a bull at a gate laughing%20(1)

The inner barrels I cut with a tubing cutter… but I poke a drill butt down the tube (to stop it collapsing) and take ages to wind in the cutter… might take up to 30 rotations with tiny turns of the cutter adjuster… so the barrel id doesn’t become smaller than the rest of the barrel… and after removing the drill butt, can clean up with a rat tail file :+1:

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Omg that sounds painful. I might wait till I go back to work, there’s a ship fabrication workshop that I don’t work in with all the tools you can dream of. I just need to befriend some one in there :joy:

Just need a little patience I want to build this bad boy now hahah

Did you see this one Blaat?

Doesn’t use the same magazines as the 416 though :sob:

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Omg I did not see this ! Woah thank you so much!!

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