Which mags for in the asiaairsoft metal receiver

Hey all,

Just wondering which mags will fit in the asiaairsoft metal receiver?


i use same mags that fit in my gen8 and bd556 receiver no probs

Awesome cheers mate, much appreciated. Do you use a jinming t-piece?

Don’t use Gen9 mags they don’t fit but the generic pmags which fit gen8/9/10 all fit great.
The t-piece depends on what box your running in the receiver? If your running a V2 metal box the FB metal t-piece is the best way to go.

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Would you have a link to the mags mate? not sure on the correct one, thought i did but the mag release doesn’t quite catch, luckily they work in my hk416 :slight_smile:

These fit great and pretty sure they are the ones he is referring to.

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Funnily enough that mag which Rattler showed is my fav mag and fits best in my nylon receiver and the quality is better than any which costs $10 US bucks but for the metal receiver it is too snug.
This cheaper mag fit’s better for metal receivers and is only $5 US. Both come from the same great vendor.

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Awesome thanks heaps guys