Who has done the 2nd MOSFET etc to the AUG

I am up to doing the AUG now and I was wondering if it is really necessary to split the shell. I haven’t as yet and I am reluctant due to the paint having a sealing coat over it, but I can get around that if I must. I just wondered about the leadouts that plug into the gearbox. There are two fine wire one blue and white and one red and black, then a heavier set of red and black. The motor wires are set lower. If I can do it without splitting the shell great if not then so be it. If anyone has pictures of how they set there wiring up in the AUG I would be very greatful.

@Maiphut I think has from memory

Totes worth redoing your harness

I am just not sure where inside to fit anything. As far as I can see it is all behind that plate on the left side in image. Great Blaster, confusing spaces.?

I’ve been wanting to do an aug but…

Figured it would fit down the side of the box without to much fuss

I shall ask @Maiphut, and see if he has anything to add. I am just working from memory but there is an awful lot of stuff going on in the space you think is empty and then there is nothing up front I think. Bloody memory… So Mr @Maiphut, Sir if you have done the AUG MOSFET mod and Relay, do you have any pictures of your work. Can it be done without splitting the shell? Where in the shell did you actually fit them?
Thank You, Jeff

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I would split the receiver mate. I did when I installed an EasyFET a few months back. Soooo much easier. Can’t even imagine doing it while the receiver is together.

This is where I fitted it all, tight fit behind the plate, but still room that is doesn’t foul the gearbox.


Wholly shit…did you sneeze hot glue into that or something :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yep got a bit hamfisted with the glue bum :crazy_face: won’t hurt things won’t jiggle around.

@Spartan19 when you split your shell just pay attention to the mag release spring and how it fits. Mine did the superman and had me scratching my head how it fits, applys pressure to the bottom of the fet board to hold it secure as well as spring tension for the mag catch. And the shot counter switch up front can be tricky red one 50mm behind trigger.


Thank you sir, I have had it split once before but it was only the receiver assy release button that caused me issues. Pictures are a great help. This shot counter of which you speak, I know not much of? Be it JayCar purchasable?

The micro switch that services the cut off lever function

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Just the spring on it, and alignment on reassembly. Whatever that thing does besides pour beer.

Not that bad just alignment with the springs on reassembly I had trouble with first time around re the mag catch and the red cut off lever.

Areas circled red I refer too. Just fitment, no replacement parts req’


Roger, Yes, I did have a little alignment issue myself. It was a gentle squeeze here and a bit of prying there. :nerd_face: then click.

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