Who has the best (gel) balls!

guys I know where all biast in assuming our own gelballs are the best. lol but would love to hear from everyone else about and where they buy them from. Ivr been lucky enough to have found ausgel before I bought my first blaster. The quality and performance of these always been awesome so never bothered to check out others. so would love to hear if their any other suppliers who stock gel balls equal or better to the ones I’ve currently got

I’ve only ever bought the Gold milkies. I upgraded mine and the families blasters to suite. @TriggerHappy experimented with more gels than me, so I leaned on his advice.

Check out gelballmod. They have the new generation harder heavier milkies.
No one has tested them yet as they have not been released.

gold Milkies? never heard of them. who do you get them from

oh nice I’ll have to look at getting some then post results on gbf

Just finished sizing a batch of Warinterest heavier milkies.
They are so much more consistent in size to the gold milkies. There are hardly any defective and broken ones. I’ll be using them from now on and they are harder.

They are whit gels just in a gold pack

Yes that they are! Shop around and you’ll find the red ones for the same price.

Nah mr milkman was asking. He said he had never seen gold milkies. Yeah the red pack milkies are good as

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Just bought a bad batch the majority are undersize, I wouldn’t recommend them now!