Who has used Opforcedeltagelblaster.com.au?

Hey Blasterers,
Been doing some price hunting after being fingered today on a SLR outer barrel kit at my local shop! (of which I only needed 1 part)
So anyways I came across a new site, well new to me anyways…
As in the heading, has anyone used Opforcedeltagelblaster.com.au? Their prices are pretty bloody good and I could not help myself so I put an order in on a few parts…
They are Australian based so stock is already on land so no buggerising around with ABF!
They also offer pay-it-later and Express post!
Anyway if you have any comments on this company and its service please feel free to drop them :arrow_down_small:


Just checked it out, their ■■■■ are not cheap. but components are not badly priced.

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Terrible customer service. Like real bad

I had a good experience buying from there.