Who sells built gearboxes

Hi guys.
New here just trying to work this out.
I’m wanting to build a custom blaster from parts. Preferably a gen 9. I’ve got the external parts nutted out but I’m wanting to buy a drop in gear box. I am really not interested in building that part and would just prefer to buy one that has been built by someone who knows what they are doing. I’ve seen one on beast pro and command elite but not many others. Looking at metal parts. I’m in the Ipswich area. Any suggestions on places I can check out or go and visit.
Cheers in advance

I’ve built many different ways

If this is your first, DON’T

First up, retail pineapple is off the chain and will cost you an easy 50% more than you should pay.

But locally in IPS, m4a1 in Booval.

Recommend buying a decent unit and the tweaking the &$&$& out of it.

My Dmr is about 1200 retail, is a royal pitfa and when it works, sweet as

My slightly upgraded stock JJ SLR is a robust beast which after 6+ months of being brutalized in the field finally snapped the tappet tail off. Internally it’s still clean as.

And it cost me half of what my JJ SLR Dmr cost me

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I bought a few off of ebay… gen ( gearboxes with wiring start at about $38-$46 bux

This one is $46… obviously a seal and a 1.3 spring wouldn’t go astray to get started… then you can upgrade to your hearts content…:+1:

I think Rengade or BigBoss ( i can only remember the red logo) do have built MK boxes. That would be a drop in for you Gen9

beast pro sells some gearboxes some are are upgraded with metal gears and lots of high quality parts but i dont know who has best price to performance

The only problem I see with prebuilt is it won’t be shimmed to what ever pistol grip you’re using, height or pinion to bevel gear.
Could be the greatest box on the planet but still sound like shite because what you add may not mesh up 100%
My 2 cents


You are spot on, absolutely have to re-shim to suit the pinion :+1:
I would rather buy it unassembled


Gelblaster Armory Events on facebook have a place at 466 johnson road forrestdale. They have free games Fri,Sat sometimes Sundays and Daniel Whatley does builds on the premises.
Could go there have a chat to him. I have no personal experience of his builds but you may be able to test one out.

Azraels armoury sell silver edge gearbox’s ( metal gears in metal shell), I’m running one of these , cost was $190 and you need a $4 spacer from azraels as well. Don’t have a chrono so judging by the welts it leaves I’d say low 300’s