Who upgrades blasters in Adelaide?

Hey Guys, only been in the blaster scene for a short time and looking to see who would be the go-to guy in Adelaide to have your blaster upgraded? (have a m4 gen 9)


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it’s more fun to upgrade them yourself
The price some tech’s charge is outrageous
There’s plenty of videos on the tube like low Guido that can assist you with modding blasters.
It’s more fun to have a blaster that you know will work :+1:


No worries, yeah was just wondering who people use :slight_smile:

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SAFARI ZOOMER TACTICAL is better than both m4a1, and tac edge

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I haven’t used him, but I have been recommended to use a guy named Damian Baker from D-Day Custom blasters and mods. Look him up on facebook.

Douglas at Safari Zoomer Tactical.

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Hmmmm, not convinced he (Dougie) is that good tbh. Great bloke and good store but not great experience with him doing work on my gen8 and my mates HK. We do it all ourselves now.

Fair enough, the Tech at Tac Edge comes highly recommended but I have never used them myself.

Need to start doing more myself anyway.

yeah, everyone running high speed 13:1 build told me to go to safari zoomer instead of tactical edge or m4a1.
even had to pick up my blaster from m4a1 before dad drove me to parafield to drop of

Odd, the Tac Edge Team Tropic thunder are all running high speed SLR’s built by their Tech Nathan, I am pretty sure one of the guys was telling me his SLR is running 13:1 gears.

Douglas is good people though, he will get your sorted.

Definitely do it yourself and just watch video on YouTube it seems like a lot but is a simple process and you will end up with better results every time