Who's going? hard core blasters

sunday 02/08 @ 1400?

i have no doubt that i’ve played with a bunch of you nutters but wouldn’t have a clue because we all just roll up, unload and then go home.

so…who’s @ hcb on sunday? lets put some faces to handles

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Ask again in about 2 months. I’m in the process of having to rebuild my car. Though once it’s fixed I’ll be looking to take some days trips out to visit different fields.

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I’ll ask the lads if they want to go there instead, we have been going to Wacol as it’s 10mins away.

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Next time , out voted for the junkyard sat Arvo

Wacol closed for more Reno’s, Ipswich booked out till next week, Guerilla blasters tomorrow 11am

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That’s whatcha get for waiting all week.

I like the pit. Haven’t been in a while

First time there. Didn’t think they’d book out that quick, have to get in early next time