Why are there no Perth blaster stores?

I live in Perth where there is quite a decent sized Gelsoft community, though we have No physical stores, 1 CQB field and 3 Outdoor Fields. I have no idea why we have no stores, is there some legality issue that I’m unaware of or do retailers just think they won’t make enough money. The biggest issue with having no stores is that you can’t test blasters before we buy them. You have to rely on online reviews and testing fellow players blasters to find out if we want to buy them. Another issue is that you can’t have blasters serviced in a physical store, you either have to wait 4-5 weeks to send them over east for a tech to look at them or just fix the blaster yourself and void the warranty. I was hoping that we could have at least one store, an m4a1 or Tac Edge but no one has done it so far. M4a1 has 17 stores and none of them are in WA, Tac Edge i think has 4 and none of them are in WA, no CEH, no Tactoys, no local shop, nothing. Does any one know why there are no stores in WA?

Cause everyone lives on the east coast…

Nah I don’t know,

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My friend was very scared of starting gel balling in Perth because his perception is y’all are moonlighting in some legal grey area with blasters… his words not mine, he was a frightful troop however…

Could be that.

I’m thinking haulage costs tho… maybe there’s a distributor, or soon-to-be a legal distributor, in South Aussie?

Have you checked out http://perthgelballers.com ?

That is the one CQB place i mentioned, they do have an online store but not physical. You order online and pick it up at the CQB field, there isn’t actually a walk in store, only a pickup location. Plus the blasters are overpriced and they have very limited stock so most of the time nearly everything is sold out.

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It is a fun field and the staff are awesome but it is quite small. It’s a large storage shed in an industrial park, nothing compared to the Tac Edge CQB field that is in a megastore with air conditioning.

Damn mate, that kind of sucks eh. With the FiFo miners and that, i’d have imagine a bigger consumer base for blasters, hence incentive for a big store over in Perth. :confused:

Too right mate, if someone was to put up a store they would make bank due to there being 0 competition.

I dunno about that, if the authorities changed their minds like they did in SA the retailers stand to lose huge amounts. Retail leasing is most likely 2-5 years, bank guarantees and personal guarantees - that’s a crap load of risks. Us there’s question of where to move the stock if they do crack down. You’d be up to your eyeballs with legal fees when that happens. What they have now works for them - minimal risks and not bad profits using the same logistics, infrastructure and capital they have operating from a legal jurisdiction.

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Big Boss Tactical is based in Perth, online only though…

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That’s why i buy from Big Boss, i know that if something breaks it’ll get fixed quick


I can think of a few reasons why.
One is legality of Gel Blasters in WA, it’s a grey area. Most physical stores operate out of Queensland as it is the only state where Blasters are listed as legal in our laws. NSW, Tas, and SA have bans in their legislations on Gel Blasters. Everyelse is a grey area, neither stated as legal or illegal. So stores won’t open a physical shop, unless the law says it’s legal. Some of the larger retailers, M4A1 comes to mind, don’t even ship out of Queensland anymore (used to be SA before their ban in late 2020), as they are much more careful when it comes to the law.

Some smaller retailers won’t ship blasters, recievers, gels or other parts like that, but will sell sights, grips and lights to the banned states.

Then some shops like TacToys couldn’t care less and willingly ship blasters to states where their illegal, without care for what the law says. If something is to ruin our sport, it will be them for selling without thought to the banned states.

Another reason is the majority of players live on the east coast, and that’s where the majority of fields are too.

However, I remember hearing somewhere last year, that the WA government were thinking of changing the laws to state that gel blasters are legal. Not sure where i read it, but I seem to remember it somewhere.

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There has been a lot of work with Aaron Stonehouse MP about tabling a private members Bill to legalise air soft in WA. Not sure where that has ended up at present, but obviously hasn’t occurred as yet. I believe you are right, there was talk around that time of WA clearly stating gel blasters were legal and end the grey zone where it seems WAPOL have differing opinions from case to case.

I can see why retailers at this stage don’t want to go racing in and establishing physical stores while its a grey proposition.


Good comment…

I hope it is legalised soon. I think it’s quite unjust to ban something before it has done any harm, that’s like going up to a person that looks like a paedophile and arresting him before he commits paedophilia. The only crime in that case is looking like a paedophile, i am aware that there have been a few incidents in QLD but i don’t think anything drastic happened in SA before the ban. AN argument i have heard for banning them in WA is that they have no legal definition, well there is no legal definition of a spaghetti strainer so does that make them illegal, it’s simply career politicians making arbitrary laws.


The law in tasmania is like Victoria, if it didn’t look real it’s fine , unless they have changed it again.

The bill is waiting next round of debate after the state election in March, but only if Stonehouse is re-elected

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Open your own store.

The investment required to start and run a business is massive both in intention and purpose.

80% of all businesses fail in the first year.

Qld is lucky (for now) we have a choice.

I might if i wasn’t a 13 year old.


The problem will be then having to lobby the Federal level who have prohibited the import of air soft items. That has to be overcome because it won’t be the same like in QLD where a WA person can file a B709A and tell ABF to give them their goods they’re permitted. Federally air soft is prohibited and an exception would have to be made so WA persons could acquire and import the goods.