Why are there no Perth blaster stores?

I’m another hour south in Bunno :ok_hand:

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We tend to do this with most thing and it usually works lol

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If you’re that far away it must take ages to get to fields

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Hey @DocBob you ever hit up the Hairy Lentil? Fuck great food

The only other one I no of is https://gbmaster.com.au/ got a few things from them they don’t have a lot of stock but quick service and excellent communication


No mate, they are the biggest bunch of shit stirring cunts in this whole town :rage:
They are personally responsible for at least 4 or 5 other really great businesses/people in this small town shutting shop and moving elsewhere thanks to their “Hey we are a gay couple and we are more entitled to everything than anyone else “ fkn attitude :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: If you want to experience the proper old school country style people, food and hospitality…call into The Old Waroona Hotel :+1:
It’s rated as the best in the whole Southwest :sunglasses:

Is that what you guys call it these days :face_with_monocle:
Sure, it tastes ok but food is pushing the friendship :rofl:

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Pew pew tac. He has a website now. I got some stuff from him locally. Hes getting more and more stock in and has a good range of quality a/s batteries. Seems to be pretty knowledgable with a/s and gelblasters


The main reason retailers don’t want to set up in WA is the legal “grey area” that surrounds blasters. Most posts on this thread are 100% spot on for that assertion. Setting up a business, signing a lease on a space, paying out a shitload of money, is a HUGE risk for a legitimate business, let alone one that not only has zero legislation supporting it but also frequently needs council approval to be anywhere in the Perth Metro area.

I can speak on behalf of Perth GBG that we’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities for fields, retail space or both. It’s not as easy as it sounds, unfortunately, and we are a dedicated team of passionate, mostly volunteer, enthusiasts who work damn hard to bring Perth the best deals on blasters and games that we can, while still being able to function, and we’re pretty damn proud of what we’ve been able to do thus far.


Bloody goodonya @CaptainAwesomepants :white_check_mark:
Keep up the great work in supporting the hobby and looking after all us Sandgropers :+1:


He got filibusted last time i think so wasted time really.

The weird thing is i can go down the road and buy a crack pipe or bong from a shop on a major highway or many other stores in the public eye. We also have shops you can buy graffiti paint from .

Using the replica laws i think its doable. And theres always the ‘qld did it’ arguement.