Why do you want harder gels?

I’m asking why do we think harder gels will be any better?

The lawmakers have kindly allowed us to have gel blasters because of the soft nature of the ■■■■■■■■■■, to make it harder defies that decision.

If you are using a standard colored gel then I completely understand because they’re too fragile but, Standard Milkies are capable of being fired at speeds well in excess of what standard off the shelf components can control. Hardness in adequate.

A harder gel isn’t going to fly any straighter but it will hurt a person it hits more.

It seems that manufacturers are responding to a demand for harder gels but it is coming at a cost, they are also larger and tend to be more inconsistently sized.

Give me consistency any day of the week over harder please. Unfortunately a lot of you guys were not into this a year ago when the Milkies available were more consistent in size than anything we get today. Grow methods weren’t required to improve accuracy, you could grow them in a bucket of pee in the hot sun and they would still be 7.0 +- 0.1mm.

So I ask why harder???


I think i am to blame for this, I mentioned it in a offhand comment in another thread where I was originally commenting about the surfactants in dish soap breaking down the lubricants we use in our gearboxes. And a few are suddenly running experiments to see if what I posted (which I had read on a gelball facebook page) actually works.

Perhaps they could go further whence ejected from the barrel?

The hopup would work better, they work really well in air(not really)soft with plastic spheres.

Yes but what if you combined both?

I saw Simon’s offhand comment and found it an interesting idea. With only passing knowledge or any true evidence that enhancing the hardness of gels will lead to a better grouping, my idea was that a harder gel would deform less and be able to maintain accuracy at longer range. It’s an interesting experiment, but in practise, I can’t imagine many people would be bothered to grate a few potatoes and extract the starch from them, or making a corn starch solution that doesn’t turn into goop to make a batch of gels. I definitely can’t see myself doing that.

I don’t think people necessarily want harder gels, they want a more accurate gel. At least that’s my wanting. I like being able to play a skirmish and not get blown away by 1.34 joules at 30 rounds per second. I like being able to run around a field and not have to cover my crotch as I run.

I find Milkies perfectly adequate, but the idea of a harder gel piqued my curiosity, if harder was the answer. With that in mind, part of me was always afraid of “what if they’re amazing?”. I don’t want to give up the experiment, but I am afraid of a successful result. If they do work, these gels should never be on a field if the joules go beyond what we’re used to. Rest assured, if these starchy gels work and are dangerous, I’ll be passing on the details to field operators, if there’s anything to lookout for, evidence of tampered ammo, etc.

I’m not interested in seeing people getting hurt, especially because I’ll potentially be in the firing line with everyone else :face_with_head_bandage:

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I want both!:ok_hand:t4:

Getting hit with a CC hurts 10 times more than a gel ball, it stings like hell.
Harder gels should make people will call there hits more often, I mean there will be no excuse not too. You’ll definitely feel it and if they don’t just let em have it.
But I guess there’s a lot of young kids playing so maybe adult only games could use harder gels.

Accuracy of gel balls is pretty pathetic, it’s a shame you just can’t buy pre hydrated gel balls that are perfect straight of the bat. I’m sure there must be some way off achieving this?

Would smaller gels improve accuracy?


You wouldnt need to peel some spuds, you can buy potato starch in the baking area of a supermarket when you go food shopping, or via ebay, etc. Okay to put it to bed, if I remember next time I go to the shops I will buy some and make a couple of batches for science, then I can replicate Low Guido’s crush test and share the results in this thread.

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Don’t get how you of all people can say this, at higher FPS a harder gel will deform less than a soft one, deformation of projectiles results in wild shots.

Of course people want harder gels, if a trick came out to make gels perform like BBs I can guarantee you 95% of people would be using it regardless of the police.

Because people want ■■■■■■■, gels are just how we make do.


I can agree with the wanting of more accuracy but I don’t think having a projectile that hurts more will solve the issue of not calling hits. Someone who isn’t going to call their hits isn’t the kind of guy that will stop just because it stings. They’re probably just going to duck behind cover and pretend like it didn’t happen. Short of having it be so painful as to make them afraid of the getting hit in the first place, at which point why even play? There are heaps of videos about people cheating and not calling hits in air-soft, I don’t see that being any different here.

Plus I’d rather not have the police crack down on us, or get any further scrutiny from Murdoch or Fairfax. Just not worth it to burn out so quickly, we can afford to take our time with this I think.


Fair comment and good points, I guess for me I like it to hurt. I mean as kids playing with the other version we never had issues, it’s was go hard or go home.
No one ever went home,we just got smarter and tried not to get hit.
But then again that was 25 odd years ago and they were all manually operated. Battery powered versions hadn’t even come out yet so I guess getting peppered with 40 rounds in a second may have seen some tears✌🏽


I remember back in the early 90’s playing paintball with Thompson pump action paintball ■■■■. No idea what the fps in those were (over 300 but under 400’ish) but I came home once getting hit in the bicep and had a bruise about 4" long. But these were pump action, not full auto. Also, we were all adults, in our new sport little kids play as well and I would never want to see them hurt. My kids are all young adults now so they are fair game now :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Hell when I was a kid we used to have streetwide glove ■■■ battles shooting each other with fucking rocks


Kids these days are soft…or maybe as parents we bubble wrap them to much.

My first son, soft as a pancake until he hit puberty
Last son (4th kid) tough as nails, could take someone out two years older.

My theory, the more kids we had the less bubble wrap we applied.


A lot of interesting responses there and there’s no shame in wanting harder gels no matter the reason.

Blackout Au,
Yes of all people I pose the question and clearly I am posing it as if I am against harder gels. Have a look at the name of my business though and I think you’ll understand that I’m not opposed to a little bit of hurt.

At a young 45 years of age I can assure you that I have a great deal of experience shooting things at others. Glove funs, sling shots, peg funs, orange cannons, Spud funs and that was all before I could drive places and shoot things that do more than bruise.

The fear of being actually hurt would change the way skirmishes were played and change the clientele willing to participate.

Wanting harder gels has been a thing for a long time and is not new. Having suppliers focus on this and using it to sell more products is however. The question of the ethics behind this is for another time and the reason for my posing the question and initiating discussion was to get you all thinking about what is really important when it comes to gels?

If you could change anything about the gels what would it be?

It seems that initial thoughts go to the hardness but hardness is not the most significant factor that effects accuracy.

What is?

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Maybe put a ‘blue pill’ in the water? Might ‘stiffen’ up the gels? :grin::joy::rofl:


If there was only one thing to change about gels? Size consistency via casual grows over extra hardness without question.

I was keen for tighter sizings from the armortechs, rather than the extra hardness. The yellows seem decent, but it’s nothing mindblowing

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If you’ve ever graded a few hundred thousand gels you will know that they are far from a perfect sphere, I’ve found quite a few teardrop shaped ones as well.

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I was discussing my gels with my girlfriend last night… Shoulda seen the look I got? icon_e_ugeek laughing%20(1)

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