Why I'm removing my H92 from my ACR!

For those of you who may not have been around at the time MK Tactical launched their H92, I was fortunate enough to have been a recipient of a development unit and got to work documenting the build as a drop in solution for the JM ACR.

You can check that here…

That has been neglected and has seen mag after mag for the last year. Today I decided it’s time for a change and removed the H92 from its battle-worn blaster… sorry H92, it’s not you… it’s me. I’ve changed, and I need something better. Something that helps me make quicker work of building and maintaining my gearbox. Something…


Pictured is the original beta (pre-production) unit and the new H92 Modular beta unit. Having them side by side I spotted some other subtle changes that have been applied to the H92 over time, It’s awesome to see that the evolution of these boxes have been iterative and taken on all the little bits of (validated) feedback from blaster technicians Australia wide.

I’ve only just finished the shimming and trial fitting the cylinder, tappet & piston and am impressed with how quickly you can put together a solid build with this design due to that modular design. If you’ve spent an hour or two shimming a box, well this is the box you’ve been looking for.

I feel that it’s only fitting that this modular unit gets some worthy internals and finds it’s way back into the ACR.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I want to get one of these for a complete rebuild for my j9. Haven’t heard much about price though. I don’t get much money to spend on blaster me so getting one might take some time :joy:

But sounds like the might be worth the money

What I have noticed though is there’s no hole in the top to add a switch for a mag prime?

Pricing hasn’t been set as far as I know. Expect them to be more than the non modular units.

That’s another thing that has impressed me with the original unit. It’s in mint condition still, which is great as you only should have to make that investment once on a blaster.


Yep I’m a convert… once you go modular you won’t go back. It’s like the jump from nylon to cnc, building is faster. The ability to put together a box in under an hour was a great relief. I’m way more confident about my shimming jobs now.


can’t wait for these to hit the store!

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@BigWeetBix just had a question for you about what parts it comes with and what it doesn’t. As in im pretty sure they come the mag terminal but do you have to purchase the select switch plate? If so what one would you recommend? Also what trigger mechanism part do you still need even if installing a t238 optical mosfet?

Yep, it doesn’t come with a selector switch plate, I used a gen 9 one. As for trigger I would recommend a CNC’d one so it’s a more precise fit, I’ve found the cast ones have too much movement.

Iv got an old kublai gear box laying around do you have any idea if its the same fit?

and recommendation on trigger?