Why is EVERYONE obsessed with FPS?

That’s it really.
It’s something I really struggle to get my head around.
The industry obsesses over it.
Punters obsess over it.

It gets bandied around like it is some how relevant to how good a blaster is.

But it’s downright friggin irrelevant.

Is it just because it’s a number that peeps can froth over?
Is it because of a lack of education of the buyer population?

Why does no one advise accuracy at 10m intervals?

Or FPS consistency?

Or Rounds per second?

Or some other measure that means more to the buying population.

Or maybe I’m just a cranky old dude screaming at the kids to get off his lawn.


300fps sweet spot… im in the same boat mate dont care for high fps doesnt give you any advantage at all…


My most accurate distance blasters are 250fps and under. :+1:
FPS is just a dick swinging competition :sweat_smile:


FPS is an objective evaluation of performance that’s simple enough that everybody can understand.
Accuracy, precision and range can be subjective enough that it changes with user - if I turn it 45 degrees upwards and it hits 100m away do I have a 100m range blaster?
What is accurate for me may not be accurate for you. My skill level in precision would be different to yours.
If I say it’s a 200fps blaster you know it’s softer - and if I say it’s a 400fps blaster you know it’ll shoot harder. Just a quick way to market it without going into the real specifics that most people won’t take the time to read or understand.


600fps is the sweetest spot

Provided your target isn’t more than 5m away.


“It’s a nice blaster, I’ll give you that. But extremely high FPS gives you no tactical advantage whatsoever” - some guy

I guess it’s something that carries over from the “forbidden” side.

And to run off Deity333 there are variables that affect accuracy i.e. what gels you use, how windy is it etc. FPS is (usually) a constant but accuracy is variable.


Yes but would you buy a blaster that is described only as accurate, precise and has “some” range without a quoted fps?

well yes if I’m looking for that exact model that has the features I needed. FPS is something that can be easily fixed with a replacement parts and a few happy thoughts

I’m sure those happy thoughts would disappear during the upgrade thou

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Lol that’s a big if - you catch my drift on why fps should be quoted though right?

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Same with everything really


Phones, computers , cars, bikes, tv, man members

It’s an attitude ingrained in us during our formative years vja marketing to support the consumer culture


I’m fitting my Well with twin turbo injected, ported cyls bro… what u got :rofl:


Accuracy is easily advised with variables. Grouping at xyz range with abc gels grown for predescribed time.
It takes more of a mouthful to convey but still can be done.

I’m sorry but once a blaster is over 250 FPS the only thing you are telling me is it’s over 250FPS.

Come on bro, we already have Twinchargers in our 700fps Wells CQB’s


Some do it for the lol’s, same do it for the pain, some do it for the challenge and others like to boast about their dicks :pinching_hand: Mostly it’s just a measurement most people can relate to when comparing models and upgrades.


But again.
The skill doesn’t come from making FPS higher.
It comes from making it consistent, accurate or durable.


Try and tell that to the wanna be jar heads :woozy_face:



I try.
I try.


18" of aupwr high speed torque m8