Why is there no barrel with rifling?

Odd question… But

Nerf has them, and it works
Air-soft has them, and it works
So why is there nothing for gel blaster thus far?
That will solve the accuracy issue with gel blaster for sure :frowning:

The gel balls deform very easily and they are slippery. If there was any way to get a gel to spin with some regularity, it would change the whole ball game (see what I did there) laughing (1)

Trouble is, any ‘rifling’ sharp enough to grab a gel ball and spin it, would slice it

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The AS barrels use it to slow turbulence on exit of the BB. Cost a lot of money to get the amount of twist correct in the development of them. Kind of negated if you get your cylinder to barrel ratio correct as it achieves the same thing really.

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Hex or octagonal twisted barrel would do it.
Would be a right royal bitch to make tho, polishing would be a stumbling block.

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i just finish reading a long post you guys talking about the same topic a while ago.
shame the experimental 3d printed nozzle/hopup thing didn’t continue further

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i am aware of the “cylinder to barrel ratio” but longer exterior barrel build looks better imo
:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Breaks yer Balls if you twist em :rofl:


Yeah… ball torsion is a terrible thing :joy:

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