Why my gen 9 bearing outside the shell hole?

Anyone can solve my problem?

The bearings are usually a little loose compared to the original bushings which squeeze into place…

You should use a little glue to hold them in place (like, a really tiny amount is all that’s necessary… I put a small drop on two sides [outer edges] of each bearing for mine)

If you use too much glue then it will be a struggle to replace them when they eventually start to fall apart…

Edit: Also, something to think about would be that the bearing which fell out is the one with the most pressure on it… This will most likely be the first bearing to fail when it does eventually happen (I usually leave a bushing there instead for this reason but this is debatable and everyone seems to prefer something different)

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Yep mine did that. Make sure the plate the pushes the nozzle back and forward is set in its rail properly when u snap the case back together.
From memory there was something near the trigger switch that would not set sometimes.

Found my old post about the same issue.
Check out the pics, looks very similar.

Do i need to put eproxy gum?

Hey whats that eproxy gum

There must have been a big stress moment in the gearbox… I would just disassemble and reassemble the gearbox making sure the shimming is correct and the angle of engagement is appropriate.

Another thing to check is that the nozzle is the right size… having a small (6mm) nozzle can stop the piston getting ‘home’ before the sector gear tries to grab it again (mid stroke)

Try a delayer chip… what mods are done (and who did them)?

Eproxy glue i mean… The glue is really good and strong

The shim is good… I have shim it will… But i using brown oring

I am sure you mean Epoxy glue :rofl:

It is like that nicorette chewing gum I think? :grin:

ProxySoft Toothpicks? (Easy on the gums)

I wouldn’t glue anything in, if it doesn’t fit or falls out easy then something is wrong.

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I had this happen and I thought I had shimmed the gearbox right. Double check your shims. I use the shake method, easy as.
Make sure you put extra shims on the underside axle to which the bearing is coming lose in the housing. This will push the bearing in the case snug. You will have adjust shims accordingly for the other cogs.

Iff you over shim the other side then you pop out on the other side. Put it all together with no shims then see if there is a buldge in the casing where that bearing is.

Not in a Gen 9 nylon case. I don’t really like the look of them. Internally they have high and low bearing casing supports around certain bearings. …I’m not sure if this intentional or not.
Since I propped up the under side of the failing turning bearing, it has been bullet proof.
I’d send a photo but I’m not pulling this beast apart when it performs flawlessly.

Finally i fix it… Thanks. The problem is the old casing cant used, so i buy new one, shell only… And i fix with proper shim…

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It’s ok just send the photo

Zero, did you try and run the gearbox without the main spring in?

You usually do that? I haven’t try it… Why?