Why no postage to Victoria?

Hey guys. What’s the deal with the GBB type not being available to Victorians? Technically no blasters should be available here from what I understand but there doesn’t seem to be an issue with other types. Just curious


So the shops feel better about themselves.
Also less possible legal issues.
Same with any full metal blaster, they don’t ship unless its wa or qld

i understand VIC popo etm. take issue on the realism front

Has anyone tried to order one to see if they would still send it?

A couple of lads have already had their orders cancelled for trying to get them sent interstate

We’ll points to them for trying I guess, maybe a Kublai P1 would be more suited with its polymer slide…

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Juzzy, Pleased to meet you. True you will find issue with interstate purchases of some wares, the reasons, icarus1314 knows best, the world we live hey. Loop holes exist everywhere, though I promote nothing, well, publicly.

Check all stores that stock the item you require for in instances such as this it is the individual retailer that chooses this way or that, you may get lucky, good luck.

You can also visit the Classifieds Section right here and perhaps find what you are seeking with maybe only a Mag or two run through it that will post Aus wide, many I have seen, good luck once more.

Hope I have been of little help, does that sound correct?

Cheers mate

I know that each state is different in terms of regulations but was just curious why certain retailers will happily post a nylon battery powered version of a certain item but won’t post the GBB version which looks virtually identical. Can’t be based on looks alone or due to the metal parts (as these can be optioned down to nylon). Maybe something to do with the classification of GBB being the issue?

My best guess is to avoid possible legal issue when state law enforcement found said item being shipped from them, coz standard blaster even with vic state law it can be argued as toy, but when it comes to gas powered, vic classfy such launching system as air rifle, which is regulated, or full metal blaster, which would fall under replicate or prop firearm (forgot the technical terms for it) which is also regulated.

But that also means if you have liscence for either classification, you could msg the seller and provide that to try and approve the sale

Just ask how or who from.
They can reply by post or message.
No shortage of your fellow Victorians here. :sunglasses:

Yeah true that. Has to be more than just the appearance laws. Crazy that Aust isn’t uniform in its laws but what can you do.

Well theres tje basic law, then there’s the state laws, like america, each state could have very different law toward stuff like weapon.
In vix you can’t really have too much fun tho… I mean people can protest in the city, blocking teaffic and spray covid19, yet a group of car enthusiast hanging out at a parking lot, trying to fund and gather resource for bush fire or what ever the cause, gets harrased and fined by cops…

As far as I know Command Elite are allowing pre orders for their range of gbb to be shipped nation wide