Will a J9 gearbox fit on a metal receiver without mods?

hey guys, just curious. i need some help with picking out a metal receiver and it honestly took me all night long to find one that says it was appropriate for JinMin J9 (Gen 9) blasters

although will it require modification to fit it on?

heres the link for it: http://www.asiaairsoft.com/index_eproduct_view.php?products_id=11762&fbclid=IwAR18PT539jbsweTsFbqg_Yglism2NNB-yMXzD85xlZeWXOUQKlceQIuwHzw&currency=AUD

Hi @Ocelot983
You run a very high risk of losing it to customs if you try to import one, so many people are reporting losing them or the top half of them.
J9 is not really a great gearbox to put in a metal receiver anyway, you would be much better off going to a v2 box or buying an entire metal blaster such as the Well MRT or CQB because a lot of the metal receivers available from over seas and in AU will need mods or just won’t fit properly.

im planning on buying it through a local gelblaster shop so there wouldnt be a issue of losing it via customs

and also why do people say that its not great to put it into a metal reciever?

Because gen9 gearboxs are very poor quality and need mods to even fit metal gear sets.
Better off keeping it like it is and putting your money into something worthwhile

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J9 is a bastardized V2. They’ve modified it enough to satisfy big brother that it’s not ■■■■■■■.

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Just out of curiosity,
What about v2 box in gen9/j10 receiver?
Will that work with out mod?

No it is a nightmare
Unless you use the MK92

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So metal / split box is no go then…
Jinming m4a1 really sux :joy:

Split box ? Retro Arms ? No

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