Wire Gauge Questions

So in looking through a number of posts, and many forums, it looks like I will standardise with XT-30 connectors as they are small, easily manage 30 amps and can spike 40+

As for wire, I’ll go for the PTFE (Teflon) coated wire as it seems the most durable coating. Silicon is more flexible however the slightest nick in it where it bends causes it to tear open.

Silver plated copper seems the way to go as far as the wire is concerned

So the final question is what gauge do you recommend? The smaller the number (thicker the wire) will always have less resistance and take more current however it becomes harder to run due to how much it will (not) bend and how much room it takes.

What gauge wire do you recommend?? (taking all of the above into account)

14 AWG - Overkill, too thick to run through gearbox. Beyond recommended size for XT-30 connectors
16 AWG - ???
18 AWG - ???
20 AWG - Too thin, resistance too high, might melt a bit

Love to know your thoughts and recommendations to help everyone

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That does not mean much without knowing the voltage though they are talking about.

With low voltage like ours, it is the amps that is important. If you look at power cords on your appliances, at 240v… the wires are no different in thickness as 12v trailer wiring at 14.2v

Someone said a gel blaster in full flight pulls about 10Amps… so I would say 15Amp wiring would be awesome. About 5 amps to spare. Can get it from repco or jaycar I guess… even ebay. I usually get a few meters of trailer wire, so you get 5 colors.

I know Bunnings often sell 15Amp extension cords… you can get one of those and cut the outer insulation off and get the 3 wires out… then you get 25m of 3 colors… Cheapass laughing%20(1)



If you’re bne local, I have an amp meter

Budgeting for 15a is a solid plan but I was quite surprised recently to see one of mine pull 18a consistently

If I’d installed for 15a this wouldn’t have caused failure, just a little heat and inefficiency

Still…OC in all things


Xt-60 connector for larger batteries.
10 amp fuse.
I’ll see if this works.

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have a 15a on hand if you are running a 1.4 or m90 and heavier.

The wire has to be able to handle a fair bit more than the fuse… so assuming you draw 18Amps… you would need 25Amp wire and a 20Amp fuse

If the wire and the fuse carry the same… they will all burn together… pop


i like the smell of burnage in the mid summer’s afternoon…

my harness on the dmr (18a jobby) and the fusing has all been upgraded from what the local shop supplied as suitable…

lesson learned…build everything yourself no matter the time sink involved.

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I like the idea of using Trailer wiring, you can get that in most automotive spares places and its 7 core.

Makes me think the “silver wire Kit” I put in my UMP is a bad idea in hindsight.

not really.

trailer harness isn’t rated for allot of amps


Okay, many thanks for that. About to order some of this. dont mind the wait, still have stuff on the slow boat from AliExpress anyway.

Which comes back to the original question, what gauge do you all recommend?

18 AWG?
16 AWG?
14 AWG?
12 AWG?

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Here buddy, I ordered 5 metres of 16 gauge (it was the cheapest per metre) from the link above to see what its like. This might help your choice of gauge.

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The 7 core wire has tiny little internal wires…I doubt that would work for long. The 5 core heavy duty stuff has better wire thickness and quality… you actually have to look at the wire before you buy it, not just get it off ebay and when it arrives it turns out to be cheap Chinese junk…

Thinking more about it… if you buy a $20 extension cord from Bunnings… if it says 15 amp… it will be certified 15 amp… and one power cord would do 20+ blasters? :+1:

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isn’t extension cord wire heavy gauge copper?
Hope to have my full license soon
So using 14awg with a 10 amp fuse is more practical @Calcifer

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oh and yet another plug to Hobbyking. very cheap gel soft batteries, half the cost gel suppliers charge. Turnigy wiring and heat shrink is cheap as…


Only problem is they don’t stock them in the AU warehouse :slightly_frowning_face:

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and won’t ship to AU

the irony here is that i’m the one who requested they stock them for AU players

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