Wiring gearboxes in parallel

Hi all. I want to wire two gearboxes in parallel so they are powered by a single battery. Is there anything I need to worry about? I’m thinking of using an easyfet or something similar to protect the microswitches

Really the only thing that comes to mind is making sure the battery can supply enough voltage/current to power 2 motors, but I only have basic knowledge of wiring

to address this safely you could also wire 2 batteries in parallel :slight_smile:

but a big fat mAh rating or stupid high C rating will see you through.

go the former, the latter won’t last long before depleting.

you want to use 2 fets too to share the load but also to give you redundancy if one dies

I have a battery I think should be suitable (4500mAh 45C). I currently have a similar built gearbox that uses a 1000mAh 25C battery that lasts an entire game usually. Could this mean the 4500mAh battery would last longer if powering two identical gearboxes?

When you say two fets, how would you wire them up?

you would be hard pressed to stress the 4500 @ 45

wire the fets up as you would normally but utilise the one trigger switch for both


So you’re saying the battery would be good?

I saw @Bigmuthadrums stick 2 m249s together and I thought it would be pretty cool to do the same but modified so I can hold it like a minigun (Terminator 2 style). I figured while I’m there I will upgrade them with 1.28 springs and all the other necessaries.

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it all comes down to current draw and current delivery but with a 1.28 and a decent torquey motor like the dog28 i don’t see an issue

I see. Wouldn’t the DOG be a bit excessive for 1.28 on an 18:1 gearset? Also I can only use 460 short motors because of the gen 8 gearbox

if you are looking for electrical efficiency to reduce current load…the dog is perfect

I do have a DOG 28 for a DSG I’m working on. I’ve only heard good things about it

rattler sucked me into one and now ihave 4…or 5…not sure…either way they have become my standard motor for pretty much anything

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Update! The initial current draw of both gearboxes is 40amps with a constant of about 20amps. Would my battery and mosfet be able to keep that up for a game day?

Mosfets? You mean

Most cheap ones smoke under 20a sustained

60$+ fcu / fet should be good for that load

Battery is a function of battery specs… So, make with the specs

Would Big rr be suitable

I was thinking, would an automotive relay work?

I mean, a mosfet is really just a high speed solid state relay right?

I was thinking of how one would cheaply run a PIR to run a sentry blaster … you’d really want to run a stand alone battery to run the PIR and the trigger on the relay, but this would let you daisy chain relays, batteries and gearboxes to run a stable, multi gearbox/barrel bit of madness

I’ve got an easyfet v2 that I am using in the wiring set. I’m not sure what the risk of frying it is with that setup

don’t use it to power both motors

The good thing is that it is a cheap mosfet so it won’t be a huge loss if it fries. Hopefully it won’t though

One for each motor