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Made this for a mate. It is how optional extras can be added. It may not suit every blaster but the principles are the same.

May assist with :
Using diodes to isolate circuits.
Using resistors to add lower voltage components
Switching negative line instead of positive when adding a FET.


Experimenting with this 18GA wire in current (no pun) mod. :sunglasses:
It is, supposedly,

I was just looking at that on Tuesday, how did it go

Weekend job for the MP5.
The stock wiring is a bit of a Jerry-built job.
Also needs torch and second pre-charge.
Will post pics there when done.

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Interested in how well it tins & holds shapes

Top price

Quite often, something cheap and plentiful in one industry is sold in small lots at high prices in another.

Fluoro optical fibre is expensive in short lengths in archery, as is grip cement which is heavy as and Limbsavers .
You can do the same and for much less with bulk fibreoptic rods, Polymorph and Sugru respectively. It’s a matter of looking outside the industry or combining hobbies.

I used it tonight.
This speaker wire is multistrand and takes to solder like desolder wick. It’s very easy to tin and solder.
This feature together with the higher melting point silicone sheath makes it very flexible and easy to work with.
I might stick with this stuff for a while. :sunglasses:


To Bunnings with me it is

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Me too for some 16GA.
Nope. Insulation makes it too thick.
Easier to double up with the 18GA when needed.

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I had wondered about that.

Outer coating not soft?

It is just as soft.
The total diam however is up around 4mm.
Did you get some?

Migraine day today. Hoping to get there tomorrow.

Top find