Work in progress

Hi gents, I purchased one of M4a1’s V4 Wells and I’m going to be putting a longer inner barrel in it and I’ve noticed the standard barrel it comes with has a 9mm outer while still retaining a 7.5mm inner. My question is were the originals the same with the clear t-piece or did they have a 9.5mm O/D. Also if they are a 9mm, where would one get their hands on a 9mm x 7.5mm barrel 400mm long?

All 9mm stock, get a 9.5 drill bit and slowly drill out the wells t piece.
Done it plenty of times :+1:t4:

You’ll probably have to gently tap the barrel into the t piece too.

Bruise master has a write up on it somewhere, it tells exactly how far to drill in. I just do it by :eye:


Thanks man, just after I posted I took to the stock barrel/ t piece with a heat ■■■ and the t piece came off then did exactly that and the 9.5 is tight but it’ll go. How do the clear t pieces go with drilling, the 1 on it seems to be nylon.

If I had my time again I probably wouldn’t have bought it. My number 1 issue is accuracy, it’s a pig and I’m being generous!
But I bought it so now its a process of elimination. I’m not 100% on the whole front end (inner/outer barrel/handguard) it seemed to have a bit of play. So I thought I’d start there.