Would like to swap a New 11.1 Turnigy 25-50c for 7.4

I have a heap of 11.1’s but all I want is a 7.4 to fit my buffer tube. Or anything comparable quality with a high discharge


How much current are you drawing?

The Turnigy 25-50 should handle anything most high end blasters could want

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I’m not sure about current draw as I just want to use the a 7.4v LiPo for testing purposes of new builds, so the current will change from build to build. All good though, I have been given one for free :nerd_face: I don’t always find it a benefit to go 11.1v.

In the case of say, a HK416D Build, it’s interesting to see what difference a high discharge 7.4v makes (trigger response / FPS + ROF) compared to the standard blue 7.4v battery. I already had some 7.4v nano-tech’s, but they are too big to fit the buffer tube, so I just needed a smaller one :+1: