Would you be interested in this?

Have you ever wanted a unique one of a kind sci-fi blaster? Well in this case it would be a two of a kind. But close enough.

I want to make some high quality unique blasters, that will be nearly all aluminium / steel and nylon. They will not look cheap and tacky. They will not be flimsy.

  • They will be Hollywood studio quality in appearance
  • They will look like a real world item from the future.
  • They will also be functional, and you will be able to pull them apart and mod the internals with standard parts etc.
  • custom parts will be designed by me and cnc milled out of aluminium
  • everything will be anodised or painted as needed.
  • I’ll also send you spares of any custom bits that you may need in the future.
  • they will have custom made electronics for any special features and I will provide you with software updates if needed.

I’ve been wondering how to fund this and have an idea.
You buy two of all the major parts and send to me. I use those parts to make two amazing blasters. I keep one, and send you the other one.

That’s the basic idea.

I may in the future do some other custom one off stuff or limited runs of things. But for now, if I go to the trouble of designing something and making it, making a second one at the same time is not that much more work for me, so you benefit from that.

What thoughts or questions do you have?
Love to hear everyone’s thoughts!


I want princess leia’s laser blaster from the starwars 4

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Examples? And also will you do request stuff like star trek or warhammer stuff?

I will post some examples in a month or two, it will it will take a month or so to get the cnc milling machine setup once it arrives.

Star trek and warhammer? Yep that’s doable. :grin:

Id be interested in sending some cads your way with some material when your up and running

No problem @Sam_D

If anyone is up to designing a p90 style gearbox, that’s something I’d love to mill, because that opens up a whole lot of options for blaster design when you take the motor out of the handgrip…

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I was thinking little things atm like triggers, catch release buttons, custom machined handguards, ect

A gel blaster version of an M41A pulse rifle from the movie “Aliens”… there’s a plastic bb version…

I might be up for that… look great on the wall.


Hey Marty I’m super interested in what you’re going to build/construct using your router. I’ve got so many ideas and a lot of them utilise an in-line box. Buuuut I lack any sort of skill regarding the computer aided design portion of the manufacture. We have a 3 axis CNC router here at work (plus the facility to add the 4th and 5th axis) and my boss (who is also my brother in law) is looking at adding a laser cutter, press break and 3D printer to the collection. I’m really pressing him to add a decent quality 3D scanner to the mix as well. Anyway, have you seen this box at all?

I’ve no doubt you have. Based on a Gen8 but with the motor behind the bevel instead of under it (which I’m sure you worked out from the picture). I reckon this box would be a prime candidate to be inserted into a frankenblaster of some sort.

Can’t wait to see what sort of beautiful functioning arty work you construct (haha I’m so clever!)
@Friendly-fire I would very nearly kill for an M41A Pulse Rifle. Fun fact: the original Pulse Rifle used the Thompson sub-machine ghun as the internals…


Yeah, those pulse rifles are cool…

There’s someone selling 3D printed replicas on ebay that look interesting…

Nothing moves, every thing’s fixed… but you don’t know how many times I’ve thought about buying the kit, gutting it and shoehorning a Gen 8 gearbox into it… :joy:


Google is your friend :wink:



A work in progress.

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Looks f**king ugly ill give you that, and quite impractical, maybe a good desktop ornament or paperweight…

Omg, a PKD Blaster… Tell me more. What’s it made of? I’d retire someone to get one of those!


M41 from Aliens or the Morita from Starship Troopers. Get to work fellas :smiley:

Or, something like this would be nice !


Deckard’s pistol is definitely a collectable classic in movie weaponry, esp. in the syfy genre.
An official replica is priced in the thousands.
The plastic/resin ones however are more affordable and there are several youtube vids in modding them. Adam Savage from Mythbusters is a collector and has made several versions but the original used a Steyr Mannlicher SL longarm and a Charter Arms stubby revolver.
I’ll be using a Python and fabricating the rest.
Be cool if it actually shot gels as well.
Anyhow, it will be a challenge but for me well worth the effort.
I’ll start a thread on it when I make progress.

Well, if you don’t have access to a mill and want to work together on that and make two, I’m up for that!
You can send me files and I’ll mill them. I was thinking of doing that as a future project anyway :grin:

its cute but i’m with sam on practicality

working through some g18 mods atm and capacity is a thing for me that weighs in heavily on usability./

but then, i’m there to frag you buggers not look cool doing it

i unfortunately look like >.< so…aint no fixing that.

what is your magazine capacity on that one @Cruise?

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Different area of interest.

Replicas of scifi/fantasy weaponry are not concerned with normal appearances or practicality.

The only criteria is their likeness to the actual prop. Anything else is a bonus.
My intention would be to also make it a working gel blaster. The components and room available will determine which way it ends up.