WTB : ACR outer shell

Does anyone know where I could get just the outer shell for a acr j10?

In particular the lower handle and magazine well section, and the lower hand guard section.
coz i seen a couple on ebay for M4 style body, but non for ACR :pleading_face:

Need it for experimenting :confused:

Even if anyone has a braken one for sell?
If it’s cracked, deeply scratched I don’t care,
Don’t need the gearbox and any internal either,
Just need the outer shell

Or if anyone has a cheap unmodified black one for sale I will take that too,
and use my tan one as experiment base :sweat_smile:

If you find one I’ll buy the upper receiver off you bro haha I’m on the hunt also

Here’s a suggestion, buy a new one sell the gearbox and split the difference then you both get what you want