WTB First Gel Blaster - Suggestions?

Looking to buy an automatic rifle or SMG at or below $200.
Accuracy and level of pain matter more than rate of fire so I’m considering the UMP45 because I’ve used one before but I’m also tossing up a few others:
-M4A1 (gen 9 box)
-Scar V2
AKM-47 (11.1v)

Let me know your opinions - longevity and upgradability of the gun are also important factors.
Thanks guys

If you like the SMG feels of the UMP I think you’ll enjoy the Vector V2. I would of said go the ACR as the build quality is on par with that of the V2… but it’s new and there are always issues with the new new blasters (the AKM hype killer).

V2 with a couple of DIY mods and you’ll be at a reliable 300fps for game day.

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UMP45. still the best blaster on the market.

Longevity and upgrades are plentiful if you went UMP too @RoyceJ

@BigWeetBix So I’ve heard, any gearbox upgrade kits that you know of? Probably O ring upgrade first, then plunger then gearbox - nylon/metal gears, nylon case, 1.4 spring.
Any suggestions or upgrade kits you know of? Also, where can I find little bits and bobs like bearings and cylinders? That sort of stuff.

Lowguido if you could only have one blaster would it be an Ump?

LDT HK416D is pretty up there. Still feels like junk like most blasters, but my missus loves hers.

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i lurved my vector, building another but i’m voting for the UMP also

they tweak easily, reliable, have range and delivery copious butthurt at a ridiculous ROF

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Do you guys mean the UMP shell kit with good set of internals?

The p90 never gets any love :frowning:

I’ve used/own 3 of the blasters you’ve mentioned in the original post and from a fellow noob speaking strictly of their stock performance:

-ACR was quite inaccurate from experience.
-SCAR was pretty good but felt a little cheap in my hands.
-M4 was accurate and felt great (I may be a little biased)

From all this praise for the UMP, I’ll have to get one XD

Cause the P90 really isn’t a great gun at all… People don’t really like it as a real gun, hence nobody really cares for it as a blaster either lol Its definitely a “different” gun but a gimmick at best.

I say the Gen9 is a great first gun… nylon shell/gears/trigger… do the seal, 1.3 spring and alloy barrel (watch Guidos video) leave 2S battery until you do the gears.

A great first blaster, easy to mod… not real expensive