WTB JM M4A1 gen 8 buttstock (stock)

Wanted - JM M4A1 buttstock

Anyone have a stock buttstock for a Gen 8 JM M4A1 leftover from upgrades they’d part with on the cheap? Wanting to replace a busted one on my ‘spare’ blaster.

Don’t care about condition (or colour), as long as the latch works

Local preferred—North Brisbane-ish, could also pick up in the City

I have one, but I am in Adelaide

All good… Managed to repair by printing a new inside catch on my 3d printer. Thanks!

no probs mate, nice fix, wish I had a 3D printer

Hey AussieByrd, I have this kicking around if you’re still hunting a buttstock…

I’d prefer to keep the buffer tube, I 'm assuming you don’t need it anyway. This got replaced with an M16 buttstock.

Been modded slightly with the cheek risers, but they slide off if you don’t want them on. Other than that, standard Gen 8 CRT buttstock. I’m located Morayfield, make me an offer if you’re interested. :+1:

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Much appreciated @Friendly-fire… But all good now (managed to fix mine with a 3d printed part). Any idea how to close off a wtb thread?

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No probs… one of the admins should be able to sort your old thread out. :+1:

If you want to delete your listing, open your ad and hit the 3 dots underneath your text… trashcan from there :+1:

I was hoping to keep but “close” the thread… that way I can find your offer again… should the need arise :smiley: