WTB: Kublai P1s nozzle

Reasonable condition.

Available now in AU

Must be the P1s variant

Ideal for anyone whose done a complete slide swap out

PM me…hamish is a sad panda ATM

Dear diary

Life isn’t worth living.

The internet is awash with sub optimal teasing of maybe meeting my needs but at the same time it feels as though they are all laughing at me

I do not foresee a happy ending anytime soon

I can’t even shoot myself with my p1s

Nische was right

Got a picture of exactly what you are looking for?

So they bring in every cool looking upgrade known to mankind but no fucking spare parts to keep them running.
Our retailers are brainless :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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There’s this place on aliexpress but will just take a while


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It’s the takes a while but that is the issue.

Apparently local supply are 3 weeks off

Investigating CNC options too. Found a slide kit with CNC internals but it’s another 340$ and I’m 1k in so…trying not to

Wow you certainly did a job on that. Could you use some jb weld to rebuild the side of it to get it working until you can replace it?

I am a poofteenth away from rebuilding it.

Drop on slide that wasn’t so drop on and a little eagerness is not a winning combination

I guess they never expected things to get broken

For me…the P1 is not new. Neither is the p1s, so it’s short commings are well known.

Some place list them but out of stock and like…wtaf guys :frowning:


The APS’s are no different !
They should have brought in the spare parts with the shipment so the customers could repair their new toys, there are allready people with unusable blaster because no parts available :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

well…at least mine broke because i swapped the slide and didn’t modify the for purpose item

old matey with the shark nozzle failure looks to be a straight out design / quality fault

still curious to see the naked nozzle for the shark.

specifically if its the same D design that the p1s is