WTB LDT MP5 mag connector

Anyone have one they’re willing to part with or have a line on where to find em? I’ve only found jinming MP5 mag connectors, and no idea what the difference is, if any.

U broke yours too pulling top receiver off ? I’m a try use normal size but cut base to size. Should work :crossed_fingers:.
*Wait… U talking about connecting two mags. Mag coupler. Lol wrong thread my bad

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Tape with a spacer of some sort works in a pinch


The Old faithful.

You could 3d print one

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If only I had a 3d printer or any tech knowhow…

I have a spare 3d printed one

Got pics of it in action?

Don’t have a second stick mag yet, they should get delivered in a day or so

That looks pretty sweet dude, hit me up with a pic when you get your second mag!

Will do, the slots are a bit tight but the mags definitely wont fall out.

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