WTB M4 Mag release button spring

Hello, I did an oops, I unscrewed the mag release button on my J9 M4 and the spring disappeared into the ether.

Anyone got a spare I can buy?

You can find a small spring like out of a penā€¦ straighten it out, then wind it around a screwdriver shaft to make a replacement until you find or can buy anotherā€¦ Just find a similar spring diameter metal.

I used to wonder how the springs were madeā€¦ how they were heat treated after formingā€¦ turns out they are just ā€˜music wireā€™ wound around a mandrelā€¦ cold

It was a real anti climax to see how easy it is to make your ownā€¦

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I had no idea thats how they were made. Also of note pen springs arent thick enough gauge of wire, just tried it. Brilliant to know though.

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Same hereā€¦ I was wondering how they made tiny springs? How they tempered those little buggers without melting themā€¦ then quenching themā€¦

Turns out there is none of thatā€¦ just get some guitar spring or piano wire of about the size you need, then wind it around a pencil or screw driverā€¦ voilaā€¦ a spring

The more you can play with springs, the more you learn

Now, when I walk down the gel blaster parts aisle at Bunningsā€¦ I am always looking for things with springs I can useā€¦ like clothes pegs of different brands for different size springs ā€¦ not to mention their kits of various springs, both pull and push ā€¦ it is almost as exciting as going down the merdur (yes, spelt wrong) aisle at Woolies, where all the pointy things and chopping things that we all have in our kitchens and shedsā€¦

I canā€™t believe a chainsaw, set of butcher/kitchen knivesā€¦ or steak knives, skewers, knitting needles, coat hangers, rope, 100 mile an hour tape, zip ties and screw drivers that come in setsā€¦ is ok to own, but a toy gel blaster is frowned on and next to illegal??

A strange world we live in? :thinking: getting stranger by the day (minute) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just discovered peg wire is to stiff/thick too. Im walking around the house looking at everything thinking if it has a spring in it and if I can steal it.

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Jobs a goodā€™un.


You watchā€¦ now you will get in trouble because nothing will workā€¦ everything that is supposed to have springs it it will be uselessā€¦ the toaster wont have any wire in itā€¦ the guitar will be minus a few stringsā€¦

At least all of your blasters will work just fine :+1: :grin:


Priorities man, priorities.


I started a thread on springs ā€¦ can you post your idea about the battery carrier springs, or any other things you came up with in that thread tooā€¦ I am hoping that the thread will get lots of people finding substitute springs, or do some experimenting with other stuff they findā€¦ then it will all be in one place :+1:

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Springs on squirty bottles and soap / shampoo pump bottles are really good quality. Always worth keeping.


Great ā€¦ can you please put that in the ā€˜All things springsā€™ thread :+1: