WTB: Metal M4/HK416 receiver

Item: A metal m4 or 416 receiver preferably fits V2 gearbox
Description: Used/new/broken, not fussed, will pay good money
Location: South Australia but willing to pay postage as well

Condition: Any, offering good cash, all prices considered

Try this, best bang for buck metal receiver. I have ordered parts from them successfully.
That price includes shipping.

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Hey I have a metal receiver I’m currently looking to sell however I’m selling as a package with aps silver edge gearbox all modded out to run through the FB Wells metal tpiece and Wells magazine. https://gelballmarketplace.com.au/alloy-receiver-and-aps-silver-edge-gearbox/ Willing to knock 50 off the price should help with shipping costs as it’s rather heavy…