WTB: P90 V3 internals/whole blasters

Hey guys, im chasing a few P90 V3 gearboxes/motors/barrels/gear sets etc for some spares and an upcoming project. Heres a good chance to offload any broken blasters or parts that are taking up space haha!

Im happy to take whole blasters if the price is right, but the shells themselves aren’t required for what im doing - just the internals. Im in Perth but will pay for shipping if it works out worth it as well.

Drop us a PM on here with what you have and what you want for it and ill get back to you - im on here nearly daily lol

*** Only looking for V3 parts as the older plastic gearboxes wont do what i’m looking to do with them sorry. ***

And I’m interested in the shells :grin:

I have a complete V2 gearbox and an alloy barrel if you’re interested.
No spare V3 box however.

I’d also be more interested in the shells myself :slight_smile:

Surely someone wants to do us all a deal then haha

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