WTB SLR short handguard

Looking for a short SLR handguard for a cqb build.
Cheers .

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I ordered it, even though I know it’s gonna take farkenages to arrive! I’m still waiting on my order from mid January. Whilst I understand why and sympathise its still frustrating.

My mate just got his order Thursday sent EMS 2 weeks ago

Well now I’m really upset. I ordered on the 19th Jan

Did you choose the expensive freight option ?

I think that’s called…

Bent over


Don’t forget they only reopened 2 weeks ago

No I was happy to wait 20 days!
But thinking I’ve now been shafted

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Yeah but you’d think they’d get the pre existing orders out before the new one🤔

He definitely hasn’t shafted you, best service around bar none.
My mate went with the faster post option so that will be why he got his quickly

Yeah I’ve seem your positive comments on them so I hold hope to eventually get it! Just annoying a bit!


I hear you bro, I hate waiting for stuff now since the corona saga


Your probably not going to want to see this but my parcel from CHGBB will be delivered today, 7days :rofl:


Your right!! :scream:
Did you pay for the fast freight ?

So disappointed
And never again

Yes I chose the faster option

Ask @Chenghaigelblaster to check your order for you.
John is very prompt :wink:

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I have explained that 19th , Jan is during the CNY holiday and no one working till 10th,Feb due to coronavirus , we sent it out when we back to work as soon as possible . And China post did take longer time than the EMS and it is also cheaper a lot than EMS .